Tea and coffee making: the design essentials

3 January 2023

french press by hay

Teapots, coffee pots, cups, and teaspoons to take care of the details of a daily ritual

The coffee break, the tea ritual: small moments of relax to enjoy during the day. Possibly in company, to share a few moments of real life, not virtual and not drowned in commitments. Today, everyday life has become the preferred environment for luxury, to be declined by choosing accessories and tools that can make every single gesture special and cared for. Here are some examples, which invite you to pay attention to even the simplest situations: if lived with awareness, they can become reserves of beauty and elegance. A substantial as well as formal elegance, which is transmitted from the object to the gesture necessary to use it.

Geo by Nicholai Wiig Hansen for Normann Copenhagen

Designed for tea or coffee, Geo is a thermos designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen and winner of the Red Dot Award 2013 Germany in the “best of the best” category for the high quality of its design. It has a sharp shape but at the same time classic and practical, thanks to the drip-free handle and inlet.

Normann Copenhagen Geo Vacuum

Tea Rex by Michael Graves for Alessi

Exploiting the power of design to make small everyday objects and especially kitchen utensils special is Alessi’s vocation. Tea Rex is an iconic kettle that on the pun recalls the appearance of the dinosaur. The whistle that warns when the water is boiling has the shape of a bird or a dragon to make the kettle even more familiar and fun.

alessi tea rex

Circle by Alessandra Facchinetti for Editions Milano

Fashion designer Alessandra Facchinetti designs a complete tea and coffee collection for Alessi. The intent of the creative was precisely to make an everyday gesture elegant by introducing a sophisticated design and a choice of materials of classical inspiration. The circle is the recurring decorative figure in every element of the collection, all in very white porcelain.

French press, spoon and Sowden kettle by Hay

The ensemble proposed by Hay for the tea and coffee ritual is characterized by lively and elegant color choices.

French press (on the cover) is the coffee maker for infusing coffee, a habit that many are discovering or rediscovering lately.

Sowden, on the other hand, is a collection of electric kettles in pastel colors that can also be combined with the enchanting glass spoons in colorful and decorative colours.

Kettle Teapot by Norm Architects for Menu

A designer teapot that declines Scandinavian aesthetics in a Zen key: the shape is in glass resistant to high temperatures but evokes in the shape the cast iron teapots used in the East. The filter is suspended from the lid in which to insert the tea or herbal tea leaves to be infused.

Donut by Pia Chevalier for Petite Friture

Petite Friture is a French company whose products have a strong personality and a lively soul. Just like the Donut cup collection which recalls a donut in its name and oversized handle. Just as the colors available are inspired by the classic flavors of donuts: strawberry, lemon, vanilla, berries and so on.

Grandpa by Polspotten

Who doesn’t remember the Mad Hatter’s non-birthday in Alice in Wonderland? A table set in a classic style, seasoned with a pinch of madness. The Grandpa tea service by Polspotten is inspired by this image of literature: a visual short-circuit between classic style and disruptive color combinations.

Collage by Serax

The Collage tea set by Serax, on the other hand, has a Zen-inspired style, all devoted to the purity of the materials. The teapot, with essential shapes, is in classic cast iron while the cups are in acacia wood: two different materials, opposite to the touch, which complement each other.

serax collage

Cylinda by Arne Jacobsen for Stelton

Arne Jacobsen was one of the founding fathers of Danish design and was already a successful designer when Peter Holmblad asked him to design a complete service of bar accessories for his company Stelton. He says that Jacobsen was already very busy and all he got from him was a design sketch, on a napkin, from which the entire collection originated. An authentic jewel of everyday design.

Vipp501 kettle by Vipp

The Vipp electric kettle is the right accessory for a kitchen where even the accessories contribute to the overall style. It has a non-slip surface and a removable filter and an attractive compact design that stands out.

Still by Ferm Living

The Still teapot is made up of three simple but refined elements. The transparent glass teapot, the dark gray glass filter and the glass stopper, whose shape allows it to rotate on itself without falling off the table.

Tom Dixon‘s Brew

Tom Dixon tackles the art of coffee infusion with rigor and designs this complete set not only for the kitchen but also for the living room. Made of steel with a copper finish, it is functional and elegant.

Alessi Tea Rex Kettle
Editions Milano Circle Collection
Menu Kettle Teapot
Menu Kettle Teapot
Normann Copenhagen Geo Thermos
Petite Friture Donut Mug
Pols Potten Grandpa
Pols Potten Grandpa
Serax Collage Tea Pot
Hay Sowden Kettle
Hay Sowden Kettle
Stelton Cylinda Line
Ferm Living Still Teapot
Ferm Living Still Teapot
Tom Dixon Brew Coffee Set
Vipp Vipp501

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