The 2023 Ultimate Gift: designer gifts to choose among this year’s novelties

1 December 2023

Carl Hansen Holiday

Design icons, even in miniature: the gifts of 2023 are an amazing mix of functionality and design

The perfect gift? It is beautiful but also useful, it fits easily into the space and becomes its protagonist. It can be ironic or precious, better if iconic to be immediately recognized and appreciated by those who receive it. It must be able to tell a story, the story of its genesis, of the historical moment in which it was conceived or of the technological innovation that made its production possible. Style and beauty must not be overlooked and are expressed in materials, colors, proportions, sometimes perfect, sometimes artfully distorted. Because the design gift shows affection, a message of care about the domestic space to make it a little special and even more precious.

Gufram Gufram Cactus Guframini Black & White Juventus Edition
Gufram Gufram Guframini Broken Mirror

Guframini Juventus and Broken Mirror

The “Guframini” are miniatures of the great Gufram classics: from the Pratone to the Cactus, passing through the Bocca sofa, these projects have revolutionized design by questioning stereotypes and rules not only of furnishing but also of living. This is why these miniatures are condensations of design history and this year there are also two new features: the Juventus edition, in black and white, and Broken Mirror, dedicated to the iconic mirror designed for Gufram in 2017 by Alex Mustonen and Daniel Arsham, founders of the Snarkitecture studio in New York. It is the first mirror produced by the company and perfectly embodies its creative profile always balanced between design and art.

Artemide Illio 10
Ilio 10 by Artemide Special Edition

Ilio 10 by Artemide Special Edition

The limited and numbered edition of a prestigious lamp is a gift that is appreciated both for its undisputed usefulness and for its uniqueness. This is the case of the limited edition of Ilio, a floor lamp designed by Ernesto Gismondi for Artemide, a company of which he was the founder. The original project dates to 2013 and today, for its tenth anniversary, Artemide offers it in a unique chromatic guise that shifts from gold to silver and is signed and numbered. The light, diffused indirectly upwards from the essential cylinder of which it is composed, makes the environment warm and sophisticated.

Miniforms Miniforms Soda Coffee Table

Soda by Miniforms

The Soda coffee table designed by Yiannis Chikas for Miniforms is a synthesis of design, art, and craftsmanship. Made of glass worked in the furnace, it is blown “upside down” to give rise to a flower, with its stem made up of three elements and its flat corolla, which acts as a support surface. In addition to the classic circular shape, the Soda coffee table is now also available in square and oval versions. Without losing the chromatic enchantment of glass and its deliberately heterogeneous surface.

Brionvega Radiofonografo
Radiofonografo by Brionvega in blue

Radiofonografo by Brionvega in blue

Radiofonografo is an authentic monument of Italian design, due to the genius of the brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni and the productive foresight of Brionvega. Turntable and amplifier, it resembles a friendly face, its speakers can be oriented and thanks to the wheels it can be moved. The style is retro and in the blue variant it captures attention and arouses irony.

Vitra Vitra Eames Fiberglass Side Chair Turquoise

Eams Fiberglass Side Chair in Turquoise by Vitra

There are only five hundred pieces produced in this limited edition of the famous seat designed by Charles and Ray Eames and produced by Vitra. What sets it apart is the fiberglass body in a lively turquoise color combined with a black steel wire structure. Fiberglass was an avant-garde material at the time of the two designers and only thanks to its mouldability it was possible to create this iconic seat.

USM Limited Edition Olive Green 1
USM limited edition Olive Green

USM limited edition olive green

A useful, iconic and limited-edition gift: it is USM’s olive green collection which is divided into four compositions. Food trolley, sideboard, low cabinet, and shelf will be welcome gifts and to be put into use already during the holidays. Olive green is elegant and familiar, it evokes nature and easily combines with many other colors without fearing changes in trends.

USM USM Haller Shelf Olive Green
USM USM Haller Low Cabinet Olive Green

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