The Compasso d’Oro award towards the seventieth anniversary edition

11 January 2024

ADI Design

Here is the selection for the ADI Design Index of the candidates for the next edition of the prestigious award

The ADI Design Index is the precursor to the Compasso d’Oro, the design award assigned by the Industrial Design Association every year to the most deserving projects in various design categories. It is a yearbook, associated with a series of exhibitions, in which the best products among those put into production during the previous calendar year are selected and included, with particular attention to sustainability. Only the projects selected for the ADI Design Index can compete for the Compasso d’Oro and therefore the products present in the 2023 yearbook are all in the running for the 2024 edition of the award established by Gio Ponti and whose seventieth anniversary will be celebrated. Here is a selection for the “Lighting Design” and “Furniture Design” categories.

Martinelli Luce Avro
Martinelli Luce Avro Suspension Lamp

Avro by Studio Natural for Martinelli Luce

Studio Natural takes inspiration from the design of the Avro RJ-70 aircraft to design a tool-lamp: in addition to diffusing the light, in fact, Avro has a Schuko socket, in its lower part, to which computers and other electronic devices can be connected, to also use them if there are no wall outlets nearby. Useful, for example, for transforming the dining table into an office corner, but also for appliances in the kitchen.

Foscarini Foscarini Chiaroscura Floor Lamp

Chiaroscura by Alberto and Francesco Meda for Foscarini

A complex design translates into a floor lamp with an essential and interesting appearance: the structure is an alternation of transparencies and frames, hence the name given to the product. The lamp diffuses the light not only upwards but also along all the profiles, making the scenography of the environment more evocative.

Davide Groppi Davide Groppi FM – Table Lamp

FM by Davide Groppi

Enchantment and lightness are the recurring motifs of Davide Groppi’s style, whose lamps are recognizable for their thin, slender, and dynamic structure. FM is an adjustable table light that can be powered both by a normal electrical outlet and by a USB power bank which makes it extremely versatile and valuable.

Kartell Kartell Mini Geen-a Table Lamp – Battery

Mini Geen-a by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell

The shape of this lamp is evocative and vaguely retro, what makes the difference is the handle placed on top of the diffuser which makes it immediately recognizable and practical. Mini Geen-a, in fact, can be powered by both wire and battery and therefore transported according to use needs. The color proposal is broad and inspired by the colors of the earth.

Magis Grcic
Magis Grcic Chair

Aka by Konstantin Grcic for Magis

Konstantin Grcic imagined a new seating concept for Magis, designing a hybrid between chair and stool that could offer different ways of use. The structure is very interesting: it is made up of a central element which, through a series of curves, acts as a seat, backrest, and small support element. On the sides, two other thinner elements act as rear legs and widen the seat.

B&B Italia B&B Italia Cordoba Lounge Chair Outdoor

Cordoba by Foster+Partners for B&B Italia

Ancient materials and contemporary design: Cordoba is a very elegant and essential seat whose ash wood structure recalls the Japanese style in architecture and is offered in neutral finishes or enveloping colors such as blueberry red and seaweed green. To complete the structure, the seat with backrest in a single leather element easily removable for maintenance.

Cassina Esosoft
Cassina Esosoft Sofa

Esosoft by Antonio Citterio for Cassina

Esosoft is an innovative project in concept and materials. The first is divided into eight modules to be combined as single sofas or corner compositions, while the materials tell of productive research in the direction of sustainability: polyurethane with components from biological sources and recycled PET for the padding of the cushions.

Poltrona Frau Poltrona Frau Leplì Outdoor Pouf – L. 39 cm

Leplì by Kensaku Oshiro for Poltrona Frau

Leplì is a collection of seats designed for outdoors but also perfect for indoors. The main feature is the weave of polypropylene ropes which identifies the profile and the support surface: the weave gradually becomes thicker as it goes upwards, offering a very particular graphic pattern. The comfort of the seat is guaranteed by a system of elastic straps.

Moroso Pebble Rubble
Moroso Pebble Rubble Pouf

Pebble Rubble by Font for Moroso

The elements that make up the Pebble Rubble collection resemble gigantic stones smoothed and softened by the flow of water. They have rounded and irregular shapes and thanks to the polyester fiber covering with a soft and welcoming appearance they inspire relaxation. Offering unique compositional and chromatic opportunities.

Edra Binfarè
Edra Standalto Sofa

Standalto by Francesco Binfarè for Edra

Consistent with Edra’s experimental identity, Francesco Binfaré imagines a sofa with a thousand faces. Standalto has different depths at the various points of the cushions and adjustable backrests to accommodate both a higher and more composed seat and moments of total relaxation. The sofa can be in different configurations: linear, rounded and L-shaped, just to name a few.

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