The new hideaway kitchens with impeccable design

12 October 2023

hide boffi

Designed to hide the technical aspects and accentuate the beauty of the lines and finishes

Hide tools and technical details and at the same time enhance the environment through refined lines and fine finishes. This is the approach shared by the latest generation of retractable kitchens, whose design, entrusted to designers who stand out for their elegance, is a perfect combination of technology and beauty. They are designed for open spaces in which the dining and living areas coexist but also for kitchens for which an impeccable appearance is always desired. Here we are not only creating concealed systems that hide burners, sinks and other specific elements, these projects take a further step: offering to the view of those who enjoy them a series of beautiful details which, together with the attention to technical aspects, make the user experience is unique.

Hide by Piero Lissoni for Boffi

Hide: Piero Lissoni, a designer devoted to essential but significant lines, signs a kitchen project perfectly synthesizing pragmatism and style. The heart of this kitchen are the modular column containment elements that can contain food, crockery and appliances. To equip them there is a rich and complete series of options, designed to make the overall setup tailor-made. Extremely versatile in configuration, they feature full-height, retractable doors. They can be simple or composed and foldable and once opened, with vertical handles, they retract laterally, completely disappearing from view. The storage elements can be internally illuminated and are offered in a series of refined finishes so as to make the kitchen elegant whether closed or open. From the sink to the refrigerator, from the oven to the wine cellar: everything can be contained in the closed elements, which however can be integrated with open elements to make the layout more dynamic.

Lignum et lapis by Arclinea

The name of this kitchen, a tribute to the material accent of the project, is a clue to its sculptural and refined profile. Stone, steel and wood fit into a perfect composition of elements in which function and beauty are in harmony. Lignum et lapis is a hideaway kitchen designed for those who wish to share the moment of preparing meals with their guests: the ideal composition is in fact characterized by a wall element in which the technical tools can be easily hidden by the refined doors and a island element, with a strong design, which also acts as a counter for eating meals. Covered with wooden slats, the doors place emphasis on the fine materials chosen for this project. Finally, a series of small accessories allows you to customize the interior setup without losing style.

Logica Celata by Gabriele Centazzo for Valcucine

Logica Celata is the evolution of the Logica collection by Gabriele Centazzo, an evolution that follows the increasingly widespread desire to insert the kitchen into an open space, giving elegance and formal cleanliness to the whole. Logica Celata appears as a compact wall-mounted volume, fully equipped: on the sides it has vertical elements closed by classic doors, while the central area, with the worktop, closes through a horizontal door. Thanks to the finishes offered, including glossy white glass, once closed it appears as an elegant furnishing element.

Tivalì 2.0 by Dante Bonuccelli and Tvialì 2.0 by Yabu Pushelberg for Molteni

Tivalì is an authentic setting that contributes to enhance the environment in which the preparation and consumption of meals is shared with others. In the original version by Dante Bonuccelli, wood is the material of choice for a series of refined stylistic details: such as the vertical handles through which it is possible to guide the sliding and folding doors to make them disappear when the kitchen is used and like the slatted paneling of the wall unit doors. In the Yabu Pushelberg Tivalì 2.0 version it takes on an even more sophisticated appearance, perfect for an open space kitchen: it has an amphitheater shape with a marble or stone worktop that follows its curvature.

Hide, Boffi

Arclinea Lignum et Lapis

Logica Celata, Valcucine

Tivalì 2.0, Molteni&c

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