Tom Dixon: latest news between virtual reality and sustainable projects

16 April 2021

BURST and CORK by Tom Dixon

The English designer has chosen the form of a hologram to be present in Milan and introduce the latest news of the brand

Communication has always been central to Tom Dixon’s path, and the English designer manages it as an integrated element of the essence of his brand. And in this sector, as well as in that of actual design, Dixon has always taken innovative paths by keeping the antennas straight and responding in an immediate and lively way to the changes and stresses of the world.

Burst by Tom Dixon

Solicitations that for a year now have been essentially consequences of the pandemic and therefore difficulties in traveling, canceled events, often closed shops. How to make up for these absences? How to be present despite everything? Tom Dixon found the answer in technology and decided to be present in Milan, in the days originally intended for the Salone del Mobile, in the form of a hologram: his three-dimensional image therefore arrives at its destination to reveal the latest company news. It is a device that the designer himself has already experimented in Paris, Stockholm and Copenhagen and which now allows him to be in Milan, with 24 hours of digital events, talks and retrospectives.

As part of this initiative, Tom Dixon will pay tribute to the Salone del Mobile, which turns 60 this year and will present two novelties: the Burst chandelier and the limited edition Hydro chair.


In full Tom Dixon style, the Burst chandelier has a great spatial and visual impact. It consists of 12 spheres that seem to have exploded from the center of the chandelier, available in a brass or chrome finish. Their surface is a riot of reflections and references with a reflective capacity taken to the extreme that works both during the day, when the light is off, and in the evening when the LED reveals further decorative effects. “For many years we have been producing large types of pendant lamps, which seem to replace the more conventional chandeliers in halls, dining rooms or entrances. BURST is a way to achieve an even more dynamic and three-dimensional range of lighting, without a lot of dangling strings, ”explains Tom Dixon.

The shape of the chandelier is inspired by the structure of molecules and the aesthetics of the space age incorporated in a deliberately exaggerated dimension, designed to fill rooms with large ceilings and characterize their volumes. To amplify the presence of this chandelier, but also to give a testimony of its furnishing ability, the designer has chosen to create with it an installation in the brutalist Milanese church of San Nicolao della Flue, designed by Ignazio Gardella with Anna Castelli Ferrieri at the end of the 60s.

Hydro Chair

Hydro Chair

In Milan Tom Dixon also presents the Hydro Chair, a limited edition seat in collaboration with Hydro, a company specializing in aluminum production. The chair is made with a special process to which aluminum is subjected, developed for the automotive sector, and is 100% recyclable. Extremely light, it can be used both indoors and outdoors and has a pop and unusual appearance. An experiment that can reveal something about the future of the industry both from the point of view of technology and from the point of view of sustainability.


Among the latest novelties by Tom Dixon there is also the Cloud collection: a line of vases and trays, designed for impressive floral compositions, as a fruit bowl, but also as a glacette. The name refers to the shape of the clouds that inspire the collection, a shape that we are all enchanted by. Made of aluminum, they are the result of craftsmanship made in India.


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