Tooy: the evolution of light in the name of style and formal experimentation

3 January 2022

Born as an offshoot of a historic company, the brand has acquired identity and strength by focusing on quality

Tooy is a young brand but already of surprising depth. Born in 2015, it was founded by Valeria Giacomozzi and Valerio Tidei: the idea was to create a sort of spin-off of the lighting company Gibas, belonging to the Giacomozzi family, which has been producing tailor-made lighting in the Marche since 1959. The roots are therefore decades old. and constitute a heritage of excellence for Tooy. It is this wealth of skills, coupled with the desire to experiment with new formal approaches, that made Tooy grow at an astonishing pace. Also thanks to the creative direction, since 2017, of Corrado Dotti with whom the company has definitively chosen the direction of high-end lighting, fearlessly entering a market that boasts a very strong tradition in Italy. Made entirely in this country, Tooy lamps go far beyond the function of lighting and interact with the environments in an organic way, determining their style and at the same time inserting themselves in an osmotic way in the context. A whole new vision, supported not only by the collections designed by Dotti but also by the interventions of other design studios to which the company has opened, such as Studiopepe and Federica Biasi.

It is a decorative lighting that stands out and that is contributing to formal innovation in this field through the reinterpretation of classic themes and the introduction of new musts, as demonstrated by some of the collections below.

Nastro by Studiopepe

A sculptural and poetic ribbon of light, a lamp reduced to the essential and for this very reason able to amaze. It is Nastro (on the cover), designed by Studiopepe for Tooy and composed of an aluminum band painted with epoxy powder along which the LED strip is placed. A cylinder is placed in a corner of the band to ideally restore the compositional balance and characterize its aesthetics. The collection includes arc and linear floor lamps, wall lamps in various declinations, and table lamps.

Nabila by Corrado Diotti

Modernist inspiration and contemporary character make Nabila one of the brand’s manifesto lamps. The aesthetic is in fact that of the 1950s, the period in which Gibas, the company in which Tooy started, was born. But the strength is precisely the declination in a contemporary key of those atmospheres, without falling into mere quotation. The lamp is composed of a series of metal branches on which borosilicate glass spheres bloom. they enclose the light source and create enchanting reflections. The ceiling version is available in five different configurations, the bedside one is essential and iconic, the floor and wall versions are available in three configurations.

Lilly and Gordon by Corrado Diotti

Lilly and Gordon are an example of how Tooy was able to reinterpret some classic lighting themes. The first is an evolution of the lamp with lampshade, where the latter is made of fabric and covered in micro-mesh, a detail of sophisticated style. Gordon, on the other hand, reinvents the cone diffuser by combining it with a mobile and dynamic arm. Essential and versatile, it fits perfectly in all rooms of the house as well as in contract contexts.

Filipa by Corrado Diotti

The Filipa collection tells about Corrado Diotti’s interest in oriental style. It is in fact a stylization of Chinese lanterns whose proportions he evokes, declining them with essential and sculptural features. The light source is a double sphere in borosilicate glass placed in the center of the base. In the suspended version it is integrated by a led inserted in the upper part of the frame to provide an additional direct source.

Tooy Nabila 552.48
Tooy Nastro 563.64 Floor Lamp
Tooy Filipa
Tooy Lilly Table Lamp
Tooy Gordon


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