TV stand with an innovative design

3 February 2023

porta tv di design innovativo

Function and style of the TV stand: a well-finished and interesting design piece of furniture

Identifying the furniture that will contain the television and its accessories is the culmination of a search for the balance between functionality and aesthetics. Both in the living area and in the sleeping area, the television is a technical element to introduce where visual comfort is a priority. Let’s think of the living room or the bedroom: two rooms with different functions but united by the desire of those who live in them to be surrounded by quality furnishings, harmonious lines, and refined materials. In the case of the TV stand, design knows how to combine functionality and elegance through innovative choices from a technical and stylistic point of view. The television needs furnishings designed to accommodate it, considering both the formal and functional aspects. From the right proportions to the solutions designed to make the presence of cables and decoders discreet, to the stylistic choices: the critical aspects are many and all relevant.

The choice of material influences the style of the furniture

The material of the TV stand must, above all, be in harmony with the other furnishing elements present in the room and this naturally also applies to the colour, which is often related to the material itself. Wood is one of the recurring themes: suitable for every area of the house, it can be declined in both a classic and a contemporary key and dilute the technical and austere aspect of the television with its visual and material warmth. Wood in furnishings often appears combined with other materials, chosen for style details and finishes: from crystal to steel, from marble to leather, the juxtaposition of different textures makes the TV stand even more elegant. Wood is not the only material that we find in this type of furniture, high quality plastic materials are also very common, combined for example with steel or wood itself. The mix of materials is often a winning choice to make the TV stand versatile in both style and functionality.

Each room has its own TV stand of choice

Essential lines in the bedroom

The bedroom is the room in the house most of all devoted to comfort, a comfort that is expressed in functional and welcoming furnishings but also in a layout that leaves movements fluid. Therefore in this room it is advisable to opt for essential TV stands with a discreet design, especially if the space available is limited. An additional resource is the possibility of changing the position of the television, thanks to adjustable furniture or on wheels in such a way as to be able to set the ideal orientation, if for example you prefer the armchair to the bed.

In the living room, combine elegance and function

Comfort and elegance are the recurring themes in the furnishing of the living room which welcomes moments of private relaxation but also guests and convivial contexts. The good news is that prestigious design brands have been able to interpret this dual nature of the living room also through furniture intended for the TV. Quality materials, refined details, solid formal solutions allow you to insert extremely beautiful furnishings in the living room and perfectly suitable for containing the television and related accessories in a discreet way.

In the kitchen, practicality is the critical variable

If you are used to watching television in the kitchen, you can opt for a wall-mounted structure, which takes up minimal space, or for a discreet element that is coherent with the overall aesthetics of the kitchen furniture. Naturally, this is an environment where sudden changes in temperature, humidity and dirt must be taken into consideration, especially when choosing the material.

Types and functions of the TV stand

Low unit with drawers: Full Tv by Roberto Lazzeroni for Ceccotti Collezioni

Extremely elegant and functional at the same time, Full Tv is the TV stand designed by Roberto Lazzeroni for Ceccotti Collezioni. Perfect in a living room but also in a sophisticated sleeping area, it has a solid American walnut structure. The fronts of the drawers and sides can be in different finishes and on the back, it has a flap door to hide the cables. The top, the flagship of this project, can be in marble, wood, or colored glass. The result is a versatile and elegant piece of furniture that softens the cold and technical connotation of the television by shifting the attention to the refinement of the details.

Freestanding and revolving: Media Centre by Tarcisio Colzani for Porada

In the living room as well as in the bedroom, one ay need to turn the television according to the point of view. In these cases, a revolving TV stand such as the Mediaceter designed by Tarcisio Colzani for Porada is functional. It is a sort of self-supporting wall on a revolving foot and can be installed on a priest or ceiling. The power, antenna, decoder, and telephone sockets are integrated and the whole is extremely clean and essential.

Column: Adelaide by Claudio Bitetti for Mogg

Adelaide is a versatile shelving that can hold books, photographs, small decorative objects but also the television. In this it constitutes a refined choice with an interesting visual effect: it is an element with ceiling fixing and floor support. The asymmetrical distribution of the shelves, available in two different sizes, is a dynamic decorative touch.

On wheels: Cobra by Mario Bellini for Horm

A sinuous line that recalls the movement of the cobra is the formal theme of this TV stand which, not surprisingly, was designed by Mario Bellini, whose projects are always evocative and imaginative. Elegance and functionality are as usual declined in a simple and straightforward way: the wheels make it extremely functional, the large shelf at the bottom allows you to hold magazines and accessories and the whole is discreet and familiar.

Modular: Air TV cabinet by Daniele Lago for Lago

When a tailor-made design solution is needed to choose combinations and colors, the Air collection (on the cover) by Lago is an excellent resource. The recurring theme is the support on the glass leg which brings an unparalleled visual lightness. To which you can add container elements and shelves in a personalized combination of colors and elements.

The importance of color in the TV cabinet: original, modern, and sober shades

Not only design and functionality: a further characterizing element of this piece of furniture is undoubtedly the color. Which must naturally be in harmony with the overall furnishings and style of the house, but at the same time must make the viewing of television programs fluid. A TV cabinet in a too bright and decisive color could in fact disturb it. That’s why it’s advisable to opt for sober and discreet colors that integrate perfectly with both classic and contemporary styles.

Mogg Adelaide
Mogg Adelaide
Ceccotti Collezioni Full Tv Sideboard
USM Haller
Cattelan Italia Horizon Sideboard
Horm Cobra Tv Stand
Porada Media Centre
Lago 36e8 XGlass Tv Unit
Punt Velasca Tv Stand
Kendo Totem Flat TV support

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