Woven in design: an ancient practice that is renewed through contemporary aesthetics

22 July 2021

Jali by Paola Lenti

Through modern color palettes and innovative textures, the weave is transformed and takes on a new and very interesting look

Weaving was born as a production technique similar to weaving, its origins are very ancient and rooted in the instrumental function aimed at the manual production of panels to be used in various ways. Over time, the weave has taken on a broader value, linked to the aesthetics of the intersection of fibers that characterizes it. No longer only assembly technique but also decoration. This new perspective has led to the experimentation of different materials and colors, an experiment that today is experiencing a moment of strong expansion in furniture, even outdoors. What makes this technique special? Its being in balance between past and present, the versatility offered by the possibility of using natural, synthetic materials and the most disparate textures. Companies are enthusiastically exploring this creative path, each declining the intertwining in its own style and projecting it into the future.

Jali by Paola Lenti

Jali by Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti has made weaving her trademark and experiments with more or less consistent fibers, always giving rise to visually enchanting textures. An example is the collection of Jali rugs (on the cover): suitable both indoors and outdoors, they are made of woven synthetic fiber in palettes chosen to form a mélange color. The workmanship is done by hand and finished with Zig Zag stitch and fringe: the result has an artisan soul and a contemporary style.

Jali by Paola Lenti

Ahnda and Dala of Dedon

AHNDA by Dedon

One of the most disruptive innovations in the weaving technique was the use of synthetic fibers. The first to realize the potential of this practice was Bobby Dekeyser, founder of Dedon. In the 90s, in search of a new concept of outdoor furniture, he decided to apply traditional weaving techniques to water-resistant synthetic fibers. Since then, weaving has been the recurring motif of the Dedon collections, declined in many different ways. Among the most interesting are Stephen Burks’ Ahda and Dala.

DALA by Dedon

Milli by Bottega Intreccio

Milli by Bottega Intreccio

A company born from the desire to explore this technique and interpret it in a new key is Bottega Intreccio. It was born in Mogliano, in the Marche region, in a territory where this artisan tradition has survived for generations. Bottega Intreccio, in fact, was born as a widespread laboratory, in dialogue with the territory and from 2019 the creative direction is of the Angeletti Ruzza studio. In the images the Milli sofa and the Cocolla lamps.

Panda by Gervasoni

panda by gervasoni

Panda is one of Gervasoni’s iconic outdoor collections. Designed by Paola Navone, it is another excellent example of applying the ancient weaving technique to a high-performance material. The structure is in aluminum and is covered with a synthetic fiber weave called Panda resin. Designed to resist UV rays and atmospheric agents.

panda by gervasoni

Sytem, ​​Byron and Porro Curry are renewed thanks to the woven straw

Curry by Porro

System, Byron and Curry are three collections designed by Piero Lissoni for Porro and this year they are renewed precisely in the sign of woven straw that becomes a distinctive and elegant element. System is a project of bookcases and equipped walls in which the woven straw becomes a rear panel. Byron is a bed: it has a screen with a black-stained solid ash frame that encloses a straw weave with a graphic motif. Finally, Curry is a trapezoidal-shaped sofa whose structure is in black-stained solid ash wood that frames decorative panels in woven straw in the same color.

Curry by Porro

The woven straw is therefore the recurring motif of 2021 for Porro which with this choice introduces a strong appeal to craftsmanship while preserving its essential and contemporary aesthetic.

Dedon Ahnda
Dedon Ahnda
Dedon Dala
Paola Lenti Jali
Bottega Intreccio Milli
Gervasoni Panda Loveseat

Officina Milano

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