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Portrait of Home

Mohd Book

Portrait of Home

“There may be no need to bother Jane Austen (starting with her “Sense and Sensibility”) and the portraits of her heroines to remember that, instead of indulging in romantic sentimentalism, it is far better to analyze feelings in the light of reason, always reckoning with reality.

Yet a home, that place in which one lives or works, in which one nurtures one’s affections, welcomes guests or carries out one’s professional commitments, will always be the sum of these complimentary values: sense and sensibility. And the winning recipe for the ideal place, where the useful and the beautiful are joined in perfect balance, results from a quest for consistency between these elements.”

A home is the portrait of those who live in it. Just like workplaces are the portrait of those who spend there eight hours a day. And furniture is the most important part, the one that shows immediately, that represents you and reflects your feelings, your personality, your culture. Anyway these feelings, when choosing the objects and furniture that will surround us for a long time, need to be subject to a rigorous selection process: indeed, to reasoning.

Mohd knows these elements well: Sense and sensibility. Letting oneself be guided by one’s interpretation of beauty, while marrying it to the most appropriate choices, that are necessary when choosing one’s furniture: all that goes from safety and certifications to authenticity, usability, as well as the most innovative features, the new trends, the harmony of styles and hues, all this combined together into the space where one lives.

It is also for this reason that Mohd has developed a synthesis, an original model that can also provide consultancy and design services both for private residences and commercial spaces. A combination of a variety of elements that Mohd tackles with sensitivity, backed by a hands-on experience gained in over fifty years of constant exchange of information and experiences with architects, as well as personal relationships with customers, sharing, affectionately, the same passions, equal reasons and feelings. Ultimately, the same ideal of beauty.

Mohd. That's More.

There is a motto that has been borrowed from a great architect which not only has become the battle cry for modern architecture, but is also so hugely reliable that it is now part of the common, everyday language: “Less is more”.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Mohd Book

The manifest book, that celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of our company , was awarded with the Award of Excellence di Communication Arts, one of the most important international awards in graphic design and in the visual communication field.

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