Invitation to a lunch en plein air

29 March 2021

torsa by manutti

The dining area moves outdoors, with tables with essential and familiar lines

Meeting outdoors has taken on an even more important significance in recent months and has often been the only possibility or at least the most suitable for reuniting with loved ones. We have therefore acquired a new awareness of the immense value of an outdoor space and found the joy of taking care of it and live it to the fullest. For some years the design companies had intercepted a desire to furnish terraces and gardens with the same commitment to the interiors, and today what was an intuition has become a strong trend, almost a necessity. Just like in the living area of ​​the house, even outside we distinguish the living area and the dining area and in the latter the dining table is the heart of sociability and lends itself to spring mise en place for our lunches and dinners.

T-Table by Tribù

table by Tribù

The T-Table collection by Tribù is immediate and versatile: characterized by the foot with a circular base, it is available in both oval and round versions and also as a low table. The top can be in teak for a more Mediterranean effect, in classic ceramic for a touch of delicacy and in hand-worked lava stone, dark and gritty. The central foot allows maximum freedom of movement for the legs under the table.

Plein Air by Michael Anastassiades for Roda

plein air by roda

Anastassiades reduces the concept of the table to its essence, designing a minimalist but not devoid of character furniture. The structure is in aluminum, available in two colors and the top is in light or dark stoneware. Note the insertion of the leg into the table, fluid and in continuity: it is precisely in details of this type that the attention to the project of the Cypriot designer is appreciated.

Solanas by Daniel Germani for GandiaBlasco

solanas dining table by gandiablasco

The softness and warmth of the dunes of Solanas beach in Uruguay constitute the scenario that inspired Daniel Germani in the design of this collection. The supporting structure is in aluminum, available in gray, blue, orange and green; the top is made of durable Dekton® material. The color combinations between feet and top lend themselves to creating different atmospheres that oscillate between the material effect and the lively mood of the colors.

Torsa and Minus by Stephane De Winter for Manutti

Manutti torsa dining table

The structure of Torsa in carved wood recalls the style of the 1950s with the legs tilted outwards and joined in the center and is interesting both in the large rectangular dining table and in the small coffee table, more intimate but equally elegant. Minus has a more informal and familiar face but equally accurate in the lines and in the choice of material combinations, it has a slender and thin line that integrates in an interesting way in outdoor contexts of various styles.

Outdoor table by Manutti

Jeko by Paola Navone for Gervasoni

Jeko by Gervasoni

The structure of this furniture, reminiscent of old kitchen tables, is made of EcoTeak, a timber recovered from the demolition of Java houses in Indonesia. The recovered elements are cut to size, repaired and polished to enhance the natural grain of the wood. Finally, the structure is hand polished.

Levante by Piero Lissoni for Roda

levante by roda

On the deck of a yacht or on the patio of a refined garden, the Levante table, with its chairs, immediately evokes atmospheres of the sea, of free time and relaxation in the sun. In particular, the top is marked by wide slats, taken up in proportion in the armchairs. It is the style of Piero Lissoni who, beyond the minimal appearance, always tells his taste for detail that makes the difference.

Borea by Piero Lissoni for B&B Italia

Borea by B&B Italia

Piero Lissoni also signs Borea for the new B&B Italia collection, a complete collection for the outdoors from the upholstered furniture for the living area to the dining table with its chairs. The table has a steel structure and a top in enamelled lava stone in three bright colors that recur in the other elements of the collection with which they are in perfect harmony. The enamel is obtained from the recovery of the glass of monitors and televisions applied with a particular process.

Gervasoni Jeko Table
Gervasoni Inout 824 Chair
Roda Plein Air Table
Roda Piper 122 Comfort Chair
GandiaBlasco Solanas Table
GandiaBlasco Solanas Dining Club Armchair
Roda Levante Armchair
B&B Italia Borea Table
B&B Italia Borea Armchair
Tribù T-Table
Tribù Nodi
Manutti Torsa Table
Manutti Solid CH41
Roda Piper 122 Comfort Chair
Tribù Nodi

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