The return of the bar trolley: style and functionality furniture

20 May 2021

Zenzero by Opinion Ciatti

It is a piece of furniture that you cannot do without: here is a selection of the most interesting models

Functional, beautiful and versatile: the bar trolley is a piece of furniture that has returned to the fore in trendy homes. The most prestigious designers and brands have dedicated themselves to the design of this furniture, giving rise to iconic and useful elements at the same time. The functions of the bar trolley are in fact multiple: in addition to containing glasses and spirits in the living room, it can be moved outside when needed and be a valid mobile support for outdoor breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Over time, the trolley can take on different functions and be part of our furniture heritage in the long term, which is why it is important to focus on high-level models and refined design.

Zenzero by Samer Alameen for Opinion Ciatti

Zenzero by Opinion Ciatti

Zenzero is practicality declined in the form of a trolley: two of the three trays are removable and can therefore be used to move food and drinks after having prepared them and the pocket on the front can contain the various accessories needed. The high, rounded handle and the pivoting wheels make it easy to move.

Block Table by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

Classic and essential, the Block table is one of the most versatile trolley models: it finds place not only in the living area but also in the sleeping area and can also be useful and suitable for the bathroom. The different finishes available in fact provide perfect solutions for both formal contexts and private areas of the house.

Block Table

Come as you are by Christophe de la Fontaine for Dante

Come as you are by Dante

The Come as you are trolley has a captivating retro flavor, the name of which evokes convivial and informal moments to share. The structure is in powder coated steel in black, white, burgundy or champagne color with the distinctive and refined geometry of lines that characterize the profile.

Steel Pipe by Shiro Kuramata for Cappellini

steel pipe by cappellini

Black, white and gray are the colors chosen for this trolley, colors that recur throughout the production of Shiro Kuramata who designed it in 1968. In 2014 Cappellini rediscovers the project and brings it back to life by focusing on its current design which is expressed in elegance of lines and formal lightness.

Tea Trolley 901 by Alvar Alto for Artek

Tea Trolley by Artek

The bar trolley has always been also a tea trolley and Alvar Aalto was inspired by the oriental tea culture for the design of this furniture. The style reflects Aalto’s aesthetic with compact and well-defined volumes and geometric juxtapositions. Recently, the designer Hella Jongerius has expanded the chromatic variables in full respect of the Aalto style.

Grace by Sebastian Herkner for Schönbuch

Grace can be defined as “a classic from the future” characterized by the formal elegance that distinguishes Sebastian Herkner and his ability to be contemporary and fresh but at the same time classic. To be used as a sidetable, trolley or small storage unit for any room in the house.

Happy Hour by Alfredo Häberli for BD Barcelona Design

Happy Hour by BD Barcellona

The name of this trolley is a declaration of intent, and this model is definitely voted for happy hour with an opening in the center to safely accommodate the bottles or regular shelves for all the other accessories to be transported.



Bordbar is an upcycling project that transforms authentic aircraft trolleys into bar trolleys with an industrial mood and unprecedented proportions. The technical aspect of the trolley is softened and refined by small design details such as the leather inserts. Perfect for those who love to breathe the atmosphere of travel even while staying at home.

Opinion Ciatti Zenzero
Normann Copenhagen Block
Schönbuch Grace
Dante Come as you are
Schönbuch Grace
Artek Tea Trolley 901
BD Barcelona Design Happy Hour
Bordbar Voyager
Bordbar Voyager

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