Spring carpets: 5 collections to illuminate the living room

12 May 2021

GAN rugs

Light and sophisticated colors for the most suitable rugs for spring

Change of season for home textile furnishings: it’s time to carefully put aside heavy fabrics and dark colors and leave room for bright colors and spring motifs that bring light and energy to our rooms. This applies to all textile elements and especially to rugs which we must not give up just because we are entering the hottest seasons, but simply update by letting ourselves be conquered by the most lively collections of the moment. Light colors declined by sophisticated patterns, unusual shapes and hypnotic designs. Spring rugs that bring a breath of freshness into the home and discreetly accompany the passage of the season. The designs are now abstract, now geometric or floral-inspired and the shapes are in dialogue with both the design and the surrounding environment. So let’s explore these five collections to inspire us for a spring restyling.

1 Silaï by Charlotte Lancelot for Gan


Charlotte Lancelot was inspired by petit point, an upholstery embroidery technique that allows the entire fabric to be covered. An ancient technique that the designer has translated with great modernity in the Silaï collection for Gan Rugs (on the cover): a patchwork of light colors combined in perfect harmony and attention to the texture that evokes the comfort and delicacy of a large handmade blanket. With the merit of having chosen a lively palette but at the same time easy to combine with other furnishing and decoration elements, precisely because they arein light and delicate shades.


2 Slinkie by Patricia Urquiola for cc-tapis

Slinkie by Patricia Urquiola

Optical effects translated into carpet: the Slinkie collection designed by Patricia Urquiola for Cc-Tapis is a refined optical composition that recalls the chromatic evolutions of a kaleidoscope, giving rise to a piece of furniture with an almost artistic profile. The collection is divided into various formats that are distinguished by the number of graphic modules which can be one, two or three and are named Slinkie Runner, Double Slinkie and Triple Slinkie. The color palette consists of two directives: earth tones that turn towards pink and cold tones of blue, light blue and aqua green. Both solutions are suitable for bringing a breath of spring freshness into the house.

3 Lake Blue by Raw Edges for Golran

Lake Blu by Golran

The rugs of the Lake collection designed by the Raw Edges studio for Golran contain a component of bamboo yarn that gives it an iridescent finish that reflects the light and takes on different shades depending on the point of view. It is therefore perfect for enhancing the spring light and its reflections on fabrics and colors. And in terms of color combinations, those of the Blue variant of this collection are a reference to the clear sky and the sea with their shades and their relaxing effect. A rug that brings wellbeing and serenity into the home.

4 Bub by Olga Malyeva for Tapis Rouge

Bub by Tapis Rouge

The design of the Bub carpet by Olga Malyeva for Tapis Rouge is inspired by the frozen lakes of Russia, but it also recalls the reflection of the sun’s rays on the water, or small strokes of color on a canvas. The graphics are fresh and bright, playful and simple and adapt to accommodate furnishings in the living area with a different style. Finally, the irregular shape makes it interesting and decorative.

5 Flora by Santi Moix for Nanimarquina

Flora Bloom by Nanimarquina

In terms of spring we cannot fail to mention the Flora collection by Nanimarquina, a tribute to the beauty and colors of the flowers that make a garden bloom in our living room and transform it into an ideal greenhouse. The collection features both classic rectangular or circular rugs with colored flowers on a light background, and rugs in the shape of a flower: a delight for the eyes in both cases.

Flora by Nanimarquina
Gan Silaï
cc-tapis Slinkie
Golran Lake Blue
Nanimarquina Flora Bloom
Nanimarquina Flora Promenade

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