Suspension lamps with a spectacular design

8 April 2021

Multi Lite by Gubi

Spacious and spectacular or essential? A suspended and decorative light for each of us

The formal approach to light can be of at least two types: scenographic or essential. In the first case, the lamp is conceived not only as a functional complement, bearer of light, but also as a decorative element and is, therefore, characterized by a spectacular design and a choice of materials that stands out. In the second case, priority is given to the function and therefore the design tends to disappear and become only a support tool for lighting. In most cases, however, the best choice is the right balance between these two settings and therefore lamps that illuminate and at the same time make the space more beautiful. This is the case of the pendant lights that become pendant sculptures and invite you to look upwards to enjoy the show of style they offer.

Multi Lite by Louis Weisdorf for Gubi

Multi Lite by Gubi

Multi Lite is a suspension lamp that can assume various configurations giving different light effects. The cap of the lampshade is in fact divided into two parts which, by turning on a pin, can change position, directing the light towards different points.

PH 5 by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen

PH5 by Louis Pulsen

Poul Henningsen designed this lamp in 1958 carrying out an in-depth research on the relationship between the type of light bulb and the chandelier. To improve the light color of the bulbs of the time, he had inserted red and blue discs to mitigate the yellow effect. Today this expedient is no longer necessary but remains the iconic design of a representative lamp of Danish modernist design.

Melt by Tom Dixon

Melt by Tom Dixon

Melt stays for melted and this is precisely the effect given to the glass thanks to a special process designed to create vaguely hallucinogenic and very innovative impressions. When switched off, the surface is reflective, while when switched on it generates distorted and unexpected shapes.

IC by Michael Anastassiades for Flos

ic by flos

The IC is a moon, from which it borrows the delicate and diffused, balanced and decorative lighting. The blown glass sphere seems to float in space and the supporting element in brushed brass is the detail that characterizes it and makes it refined in its essentiality.

Vertigo by Constance Guisset for Petite Friture

Vertigo by Petite Friture

Large and decorative and at the same time light and airy, the Vertigo lamp was one of the best intuitions of the French designer Contance Guisset. It furnishes the space without being overwhelming and lets the light circulate, creating amazing plays of shadows through her tubular frame.

Falkland by Bruno Munari for Artemide

Falkland by Artemide

Falkland is a lamp whose structure develops vertically through a series of metal rings on which a white sock winds. This gives it lightness but above all generates a delicate and diffused light like few other lamps can do.

Aplomb by Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere for Foscarini

Aplomb by Foscarini

Minimal but with its own character, the Aplomb suspension lamp has a concrete lampshade that directs all the light downwards, emphasizing the materiality and essence of light. The lampshade is available in several extremely delicate and elegant color variations that give grace to the concrete, a material that we usually consider raw and to hide.

Fulcrum by Lee Broom

Fulcrum by Lee Broom

Even the aesthetics of Fulcrum are minimal and essential but the choice of material is different: in fact, it is steel for the cylinder (in gold and polished chrome or matt black finishes) and glass for the small sphere placed in the upper part. The final result is refined and versatile.

Ovo by Davide Groppi

ovo by davide groppi

Finally, another suspended light in a minimal but very evocative style: Ovo by Davide Groppi has the lightness of the egg that inspires it (in Italian “ovo” means egg) not only in shape but also in texture. It is made of thin matt white painted metal and generates an intimate and delicate light.

Flos IC-S1
Davide Groppi Ovo
Petite Friture Vertigo
Tom Dixon Melt
Lee Broom Fulcrum
Foscarini Aplomb
Artemide Falkland Suspension Lamp
B&B Italia Husk Bed
Gubi Multi-lite
Louis Poulsen PH 5

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