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Let our designers guide you through the creation of new tailored spaces that meet your needs and fulfil your dreams.

Let's begin

Since 1968 we have been designing and furnishing exclusive spaces, with our interior designers and with the best brands of international design.

Home Furnishing Projects

Tailored projects for single locations or homes of any size, based on the ideas and style of the future residents.

Contract and Major ProjectsPRO

Space planning, engineering support and furniture supply for large commercial environments, hotels, clubs, cruises and yachts.

Office Space Projects

Workspaces and representative offices planning, according to the functional needs and the brand identity policy.

How we work

“We are inspired by the creation of unrepeatable projects, with sapient, unexpected, long-lasting combinations”

Gianluca Mollura CEO of Mohd

We begin with a short interview, and we analyse your layout drawings to get to know your ideas and your spaces, from the individual location to the complete project.

Start planning the spaces and the details of every ambience, with our layout and furniture proposals. 

For each room, you will receive an inspiration mohdboard with a proposal of selected products.

Your inspiration expands through a project board, with the research and the selection of materials, colours and textures for each room.

The project becomes reality with the addition of the lighting plan, the development of the renderings and the 3D visualizations.

The service includes the planning of closets, walk-in closets, kitchens, bathrooms and tailored systems.

Up to the surfaces and their structure.

Let's plan together

We start from you to create unique design experiences, for individual locations or complex spaces.

We start by exchanging ideas

We make an appointment to discuss your habits and your spaces, your wishes and the design that inspires you. This first step is the most important, it will help us through the selection of the most accurate furniture and accessories.

I am ready to get started.
I'll meet you on Zoom! https://us04web.zoom...

Mohd's interior designer

Hello, I'm Valentina

Together, we will explore a catalogue including the best Italian and international design, with over 2500 designers and 700 brands.

We develop your furniture proposal

We develop a board that is based on your inspiration and your needs, displaying the space planning, the furniture, accessories and materials we have selected for you. It is your personal mohdboard. 

Read it at your ease, we'll catch up in a few days 😊

You told me you love reading, for that reason you will find several table lamps on your board

You will get your mohdboard by email, so that you can share it with your partner and friends.

We finally turn your ideas into an exclusive project

The project must reflect your personality, respect your spaces and your budget. For this reason, you can require our consultation and the support of our architects for the survey measurement and to set a construction site visit.

I will personally take care of your delivery, making sure that everything is perfect.

Your order is ready and will soon be delivered

After your purchase, we will process your order and follow it until it is delivered, on time and in perfect condition.

Start exploring

Get More. Take your time to be inspired, create your board

Create your inspiration board

Explore the selection Inspiration Boards on our website, choose the design products that inspire you and add them to your mohdboard.

Schedule a meeting

The core of our conversation is your board: your inspiration becomes ours and guides us through the planning phase.

Enjoy your spaces

We will take care of your project until the delivery of the order, to grant you a 100% flawless service.

Scegli i prodotti che ti ispirano e aggiungili alla Board

Crea e ricevi la tua board da condividere con chi vuoi oppure con un designer di mohd per informazioni o assistenza.

Dopo l’invio, puoi creare altre board, non c’è limite alla tua ispirazione.

Ho Capito, continua

Ricevi la tua Mohdboard con i prodotti che hai aggiunto

Invia il form, riceverai un’email con il link alla board dei prodotti che hai selezionato.

Condividi la tua ispirazione con il tuo partner e con gli amici, oppure con un designer di mohd per informazioni.

Dopo l’invio, puoi creare altre board. E se questa board non ti ispira più, puoi svuotarla con un reset e ricominciare.

Controlla la mail, la tua ispirazione è arrivata.

Ti abbiamo inviato un’email con il link alla board dei prodotti che hai selezionato.