Brand Van Egmond: the Dutch company that transformed light into a work of art

5 August 2021

Brand Van Egmond

The Dutch brand’s approach goes beyond the concept of function and focuses on lamps similar to light sculptures

Knowing the background of William Brand, founder of Brand Van Egmond, provides us with the best interpretation to fully understand the concept of his company. Graduated in architecture from the Utrecht Academy of Fine Arts in the Netherlands, he is also a sculptor and product designer. He therefore has a vision of the project that ranges from the general to the particular, from the structure to the accessory. But also an artistic vocation that is expressed, in particular, in his passion for sculpture, which in turn is rooted in a profound knowledge of manufacturing and craftsmanship.

Brand Van Egmond

Architecture, sculpture and manufacturing are the cornerstones of his design culture and are the elements that he has placed at the base of his company that every year presents new collections of what he wanted to define light sculptures. William Brand, in fact, wanted to encode lighting in a new way, overcoming the notion of lamp and going beyond, shifting the focus from function to form, a free, artistic and decorative form. “The creation of new collections always follows the same sequence. After the first sketches, I quickly move to the atelier and start working alone with new materials and shapes. Of every collection I can still feel every curve and twist literally in my hands “, says the architect. And as in an artist’s atelier, which works with the highest quality materials, these light sculptures are created one by one and then become the protagonists of exclusive environments devoted to beauty. Here are some collections in detail.

Brand Van Egmond


Kelp by Brand Van Egmond

Kelp is the crackle of the lit fire, it is the dance of flames and sparks, it is the dynamic form of a set of metal scales on which the light bounces giving life to an endless show. Like curls of a precious ribbon intertwined but also free to move in space and follow their own inclination, the elements that make up the light sculptures of this collection seem to take the direction of chance. In reality, each of them is artfully made and positioned to obtain an organic, free and dynamic shape, studied in detail. Protagonist of the environment in which it is placed, just like a work of art. It is available in round, conical and oval shapes, with finishes in stainless steel, red copper, polished brass, black or white.


brand van egmond

Can a broom inspire a unique light sculpture? In fact, the flexible bristles of this simple domestic instrument are the starting point for the creation of this collection. A tribute to resilience, to the ability to return to position after being solicited, to remind us of the importance of being agile and elastic in life. A profound concept expressed in an elegant and sophisticated way in this collection available in the floor, ceiling and wall versions. Like all the collections by Brand Van Egmond, Broom is suitable for both private and public contexts.


Arthur by Brand Van Egmond

Arthur is like a knight who, in shining armor, enters the scene attracting attention. This light sculpture looks like a cascade of reflections. The secret? A skilful composition of metal flakes joined as in a jewel to form a perfect balance of visual textures. It recalls the branches of a weeping willow whose leaves are replaced by precious fragments of light that radiate their reflections throughout the environment. Its design is admittedly contemporary but in the proportions it recalls the ancient candlesticks, which is why it is also perfect for an environment with a classic mood, in which there are period furnishings.

Brand Van Egmond Kelp
Brand Van Egmond Arthur
Brand Van Egmond Broom Suspension Lamp
Brand Van Egmond Broom Wall Lamp

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