Interior Design Service

Interior Design Service is the deep knowledge of luxury design, between artisanal and innovative. It is the service that gives shape to dreams, both big and small.

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Since 1968 we project and decorate exclusive spaces with the help of our interior designers’ experience and the most prestigious brands in the international design field.

  • Home Projects

    Home Projects

    Tailored projects for every space of any extent, shaped on the ideas and style of whom will live there.

  • Office Spaces Design

    Office Spaces Design

    Design of working areas and representative areas according to the functional requirements and the brand image standards.

  • Contract spaces and great projects

    Contract spaces and great projects

    Design of spaces, support for engineering and furniture supply for large commercial environments, hotels, premises, cruises, yacht and beyond.

More than 50 years in the luxury design market

More than 50 years in the luxury design market

Our interior design service is a path through design and luxury handcraft.

It is a research experience that begins with an idea and ends with the realization of unique housing and working experiences, result of competences and awareness of our Designers.

We collaborate with the clients to develop projects worldwide ready to be lived

Mohd Interior Design Service is a dedicated collaboration and dialogue between the client and the designer staff. An approach that allows to elaborate prompt projects that respects technical requirements of the spaces involved and the client personal taste and needs.

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Support in the designing process

  1. Technical

    For us, design is not only choosing materials and objects: we provide technical support and specific know-how, to face every possible project problem.

  2. Consultation

    Understanding the client's requests and proposing the best solutions is the best way to get into the client's world and, in order to do so, our Designers single out the best software and tools.

  3. Operational

    In the operational phase of the project, the executive drawings are developed and the verifications of feasibility are carried on in a constant dialogue between the client and the designer team.

  4. Logistic

    Mohd interior design service includes the logistic management, following different phases of the suppy and the furniture delivery.

Design projects realized to perfection

Every project is a unique journey that takes shape thanks to a continue dialogue with the client. An approach that let us drive him, with creativity and know-how, to the definition of taylored interiors that meet every specific need.

  1. Sharing of the idea with Mohd Designers

    Sharing of the idea with Mohd Designers

    A brief form will allow us to gather the primary info about requirements and style to assign the best designer for your project.

  2. Proposals for tailored projects

    Proposals for tailored projects

    The Designer will realize a project proposal in which furniture, colours and materials that give shape to spaces will be present. After this phase, we will proceed to the realization of the true project.

  3. The idea takes shape

    The idea takes shape

    The Designer will follow step by step the implementation of the project and will be a means between the professionals involved and the supply of chosen materials, to deeply respect the design project.

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