Christmas 2022: gift ideas from the world of design that combine function and emotion

2 December 2022

Beam by Muuto

10 accessories to give at Christmas that simplify life and share an emotion

The designer works as a tightrope walker, always designing on the border between function and beauty: it is thanks to this talent that projects excite us but at the same time help us in daily life making it easier. A gift that embodies function and emotion is a gift that is always welcome and that will, over time, be an integral part of the life of those who receive it. What we give is not just an object but also a meaning: offering a gift of light, a vase that can contain fresh flowers, a soft carpet is always a way to share a positive emotion, a comfort, a wish for happiness. Just as choosing among quality design products means expressing the intention to give something that lasts over time, like the bond that underlies the gesture.

Yasuke by Studio Brichet Ziegler for DCW Editions

The lines of the Yasuke lamp are both futuristic and evocative, with a hint of the architectural geometries of art deco. Large and sculptural table lamp, it has a base split into two metal cylinders and an upper cap characterized by a geometric lattice that makes the light even more interesting thanks to the two dimmers with which to adjust both the temperature and the intensity.

Beam by Tom Chung for Muuto

Beam (on the cover) is a lamp that invites you to experiment with new ways of managing lighting. A light source corresponds to each end, both modulated by a central control that offers at least three different combinations: the two sources can be switched on together, or you can choose to switch on only one of the two. Lighting only downwards or only upwards. The base also rotates, offering further interpretative ideas.

Panthella Portable by Verner Panton for Louis Poulsen

Donating a portable lamp is an invitation to savor every moment of the day: it is a type of lamp that is making its way into our daily life and offers great flexibility of use in all seasons. The Panthella, moreover, is one of the most iconic table lamps: designed in 1971 by Verner Panton it is glare-free and full of atmosphere.

The Muse by Tala

Talking about portable lamps, Tala is an essential and evocative example: its design recalls the oil lamps from which it takes the base, the dimmer, the glass cap. Designed in collaboration with Farrow & Ball, an English company leader in paintings, it is proposed in a color palette of great elegance, inspired by English gardens.

Perch Light Wall by Umut Yamac for Moooi

Perch it is like an origami of light that inspires a poetic lightness. Halfway between a lamp and a work of art, it makes the walls special and invites you to relate to the object: if touched gently, Perch can swing.

Contour Piece by Ferm Living

At Christmas the desire for enchantment and magic grows and Contour is a sculpture that surely catches the eye. In powder-coated iron, it invites you to imagine shapes and get lost in the enchantment of contemplation.

Kink by Earnest Studio for Muuto

Offering a vase as a gift is like wishing those who receive it a life full of flowers and beauty and it is also an invitation to take care of the house and themselves. Kink has an essential shape: it looks like a U-shaped tube and for this reason it offers the possibility of creating surprisingly styled flower compositions.

Le Monde by Charlotte Perriand for Cassina

The mise en place is another theme that is particularly felt in the days of holidays, as is the strong trend of using plates with a refined design as pocket trays or decorations for consoles and coffee tables. For all these purposes, the collection of plates designed by Charlotte Perriand and today published by Cassina, in hand-decorated porcelain, is perfect.

Misia C2 by Studiopepe for Jov

Misia C2 is a textile product that can be intended both as a carpet and as a tapestry. Organic shapes, alternation of different textures, and strong and delicate colors make it unique in its kind and with a strong decorative profile.

Wooden Dolls by Alexander Girard for Vitra

The Wooden Dolls, imagined by Alexander Girard and produced by VItra, is a world of characters to be found in a surreal and mystical nativity scene. Each figure is made and painted by hand and retains the style conceived in 1953 by the designer, who had created these totemic and familiar objects for his own home.

Muuto Beam
Muuto Kink Vase
Ferm Living Contour Piece
Cassina Le Monde
Jov Misia C2 Rug
Louis Poulsen Panthella
Louis Poulsen Panthella Mini
Moooi Perch Light Branch
Tala The Muse
Vitra Wooden dolls
DCW éditions Yasuke

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