Eclectic stools: between seat and object of art

28 October 2022

bigfoot by 101 copenhagen

Functional, versatile, and visually appealing, here are 10 stools with an over-the-top design

Domestic sculptures with unexpected functions: stools are reinvented in their shapes and uses and lend themselves to enriching interiors not only with beauty but also with the possibilities of use. The footprint is minimal, and a single piece of furniture contains a seat, a decorative element and often also a coffee table for the living room or bedroom. From the entrance to the living room, from the bedroom to the dining area, the stool returns to the fore and surprises with its versatility that makes it appreciated in every room of the house. The formal approach is manifold: from the iconic classics of Vitra and Cassina to the extreme innovations of Zanat and Zieta, just to name a few. A parade of projects with a strong character, small virtuosities of courageous and useful design.

Big Foot by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl for 101 Copenhagen

The trend of the moment? The “chunky” design characterized by consistent and visually abundant shapes. This is the expression of the Big foot stool (on the cover), with essential, large, almost archetypal shapes, covered in sheepskin.

Curve by AYTM

The inspiration for this stool comes from the art deco style of which it evokes the refined curves. It is a piece of furniture designed to take on the role of the stool, the coffee table but also the bedside table in a sophisticated bedroom.

Curva di AYTM

Bit by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

Bit is the project with which Normann Copenhagen expresses its orientation towards sustainability to the maximum. Its lively and playful style and its modernist forms perfectly match the use, 100%, of recycled plastic particles. These are waste plastic materials, melted and reused to create this stool that doubles as a coffee table.

Bolt by Note Design Studio for La Chance

The Bolt stool is a striking combination of brutalist inspiration and elegance. The structure consists of three cylindrical elements that seem to converge towards the center held together by a thin and elegant steel wire. An unexpected balance of strength and grace that offers ease of use and enchantment to the eye.

LC9 Tabouret by Charlotte Perriand for Cassina

The project of this stool is a small design lesson: the structure is essential but can be declined in different ways. Thanks to the many combinations wisely proposed by Cassina. Metal, leather, straw are the materials to be used to find the perfect combination. The result is a precious stool to complement the furnishings of the living room or any other room in the house.

Common Comrades by Neri & Hu for Moooi

The red lacquer is the first feature that stands out when looking at this small but characterful stool / coffee table. The second is the shape that in all the proposed variants always detects a surprise, an unexpected detail. Finally, the small decorative and identifying quirk of a small portion of the foot with the wood and the Moooi logo on display.

Pawn By Marie Michielssen for Serax

Pawn is a collection of elements imagined by the designer to be both stools and coffee tables. It consists of elements with different shapes, united by proportions and a material soul. The various models are also designed to be combined with each other to create a small landscape of sculptures with captivating shapes and colors.

Unity by Monica Förster for Zanat

Unity is a tribute to the idea of ​​brotherhood, an embrace of individuals carved in solid wood from which this stool originates, which also serves as an elegant coffee table. A small work of art devoted to thick domestic interiors.

Butterfly by Sori Yanagi for Vitra

The wings of a flying butterfly or an open book: the Butterfly stool, in maple or rosewood, has a poetic and evocative shape. And it arises from the encounter between the wood bending techniques developed by Charles and Ray Eames and the oriental style.

Plopp by Zieta

The recurring motif of the collections of designer Oskar Zieta is the technology he developed which allows two steel elements previously welded together to be inflated. And this is how the Plopp stool was also born, an authentic contemporary icon, similar to a sculpture, but with sophisticated technological research at the base.

Zieta Plopp
Normann Copenhagen Bit Stool
Normann Copenhagen Bit Stool
La Chance Bolt Stool
La Chance Bolt Stool
AYTM Curva Stool
Moooi Common Comrades Stools
Moooi Common Comrades Stools
Serax Pawn
Zanat Unity Stool
101 Copenhagen Big Foot Stool
Zieta Plopp

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