Estiluz: mechanical roots that turn into light

16 December 2021

The surprising history of the lighting company, born in Spain in 1969 and today present all over the world

From a mechanical workshop to a sophisticated lighting company: the story of the Estiluz brand is the story of a decisive and profound, courageous and visionary leap. The vision is that of Gerard Masdeu Jordà who in 1969 decided to transform the family mechanical company, managed by his father, into Estiluz, a brand dedicated to high-end lamps. The company was located in a small town in Catalonia, Sant Joan de les Abadesses, where the mechanical industry was deeply rooted in the territory. It would have been natural, almost due, for Gerard, to continue in that direction. But the creative drive combined with the entrepreneurial vision was strong enough to convince his father Anton and brother Eduard to embark on a whole new adventure with him.

Nit by Estiluz

Gerard’s intuition, together with the family’s skills in mechanical automation, led the company to success and to open a branch in New York in 1993. At the same time, the company forges relations with Germany, optimizing its production processes and adopting the most modern engineering solutions.

Volta by Estiluz

Thus we arrive at the present, a present in which the company has opened up to contemporary creative influences, entrusting stylistic evolution to new generation designers. Staying true to the roots. The formal approach, in fact, is always respectful of the solidity of the production process, the result of a thick industrial tradition. The priority expressed by Estiluz is to provide a solid, durable product, finished in detail and with a familiar spirit. And the long mechanical tradition is a significant added value.

Lune by Estiluz

If the goal is to create well-made lamps designed to last, even the style must stand the test of time. Hence the Estiluz aesthetic: minimal but with character, with a careful choice of materials and a wise enhancement of the same. Metal remains a recurring motif: it is given a delicate and very elegant appearance, discreet and perfect to be inserted in interiors with a different style.

Luck by Estiluz

Estiluz lamps, produced and assembled entirely in the company’s factories, create a mood that is industrial and poetic, decisive and refined at the same time. A fluid mood that allows these lamps to live for a long time and go through successive moments and spaces of life of those who choose them.

Another aspect that characterizes Estiluz lamps is the possibility of combining several elements from the same collection to obtain tailor-made solutions. One of the most representative lines in this sense is the Volta suspension (on the cover), designed by the Nahtrang studio. The arched basic module can be multiplied to create customized scenographic compositions.

Luck by Estiluz

The Luck suspension designed for Estiluz by Ximo Roca Diseño is instead a significant example of how the company has managed to translate the tradition of metal into light: a glass sphere with a diagonal opening is attached to a hanging metal stem. Extremely elegant in its simplicity.

In the Estiluz catalog there is no shortage of twists such as Eclipsi, the lamp designed by Josep Lluìs Xuclà which ideally reproduces a lunar eclipse. It is made up of two elements, two metal discs connected to each other by a pivoting joint that allows the upper one to rotate on the lower one, just like in an eclipse. The integrated LED makes the light source invisible, creating an even more magical effect.

Aro by Estiluz

Finally, among the floor lamps Aro, designed by Jordi Blasi stands out: extremely versatile, the diffuser can slide up and down along the stem and rotate to the right and left up to 160 °.

Estiluz Luck
Estiluz Eclipsi
Estiluz Volta Wall Lamp
Estiluz Volta Suspension Lamp
Estiluz Eclipsi

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