Home office: perfect office furniture and accessories for the home

9 September 2022

Tyde by Vitra

Functional but also sophisticated, they can integrate with the refined furnishings and finishes of a domestic interior

Smart working, agile work, home office: recurring expressions in the professional organization of the present, in which the boundaries between domestic space and workspace have definitively fallen. Changing the geography of the house, a house where at least one or two people often find themselves working and therefore concentrating in front of a computer, talking on the phone, connecting on video. An opportunity to be more masters of your time and to optimize it. Eliminating travel, for example, but also idle and waiting times. But also, a source of criticality: work requires a dedicated space with specific furnishings and tools, but all this apparatus must be chose thinking of the domestic context. What does it mean? Functional design and materials but not too technical and not too cold, we are still at home. Comfort and beauty remain priorities in the choice of furnishings and some precious accessories that make work from home more fluid and easier should not be overlooked.

Desk systems with infinite configurations

Among the best variations of Scandinavian design, String is a perfect synthesis of essentiality and functionality. It is a wall system composed of metal uprights and shelves or container elements of various types, colors, and materials. The great variety of elements allows you to create almost bespoke configurations in which to include a desk combined, for example, with storage elements that help keep everything in order and shelves.

Flexible tables to be completed with drawers and dividing panel

Attention to posture is essential and often at home we find ourselves working on non-ergonomic chairs, perhaps at the dining or kitchen table. The ideal is to change your position often, alternating moments in which you work standing. The Tyde desk system by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra makes it possible thanks to the adjustable height. Another critical factor in working from home is clutter: despite digitalization, desks are still inhabited by too many pens, documents, and various objects. Vitra proposes Antonio Citterio’s Follow Me chest of drawers on wheels, spacious and easy to move.

The same company faces another problem of smart working: sharing space with other family members. It may be necessary to divide the space, flexibly. For example, with the Dancing Wall by Stephan Hürlemann, a room divider on wheels that can take on different identities: shelving for plants, wall with shelf, notice board, magnetic board and more.

The designer chest of drawers to tidy up with style

Also, in the study area there is space for furniture with a refined and prestigious design, such as the Barboy chest of drawers designed by Verner Panton and produced by Verpan. It is an essential and discreet cylinder whose drawers slide sideways. Closed is an elegant countertop that looks good in the living room.

Barboy by Verpan

Equally useful are the desk accessories from USM, a company particularly devoted to office furniture, offered in almost infinite colors and configurations.

Just as a paper basket cannot be missing: also in this case the design makes the difference and must be refined and suitable for a domestic context. As in the case of Paper Bin by Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay made of recycled paper treated with a protective coating that makes it resistant, it has an attractive shape and a double color in different combinations.

The ergonomic but elegant seat

It is very important to work on a high-quality design, ergonomic and comfortable seat. But in a home office a too technical chair clashes with the overall design, which is why the Calum collection by Simon Pengelly for Desalto is very interesting, which presents different versions of the same chair united by an elegant style, designed for the dining area, for work and relaxation.

The right lamp, even portable

When it comes to light, there are two ways in the home studio: you can opt for a classic and austere desk lamp, such as the Tab by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for Flos.

Or experiment with innovative and flexible solutions, such as a portable and multifunctional lamp, perfect not only for the desk but also for the dining table. Colorful and familiar is Pierre Charpin’s PC Portable for Hay.

Vitra Tyde Workstation Desk
Vitra Uten.Silo
String String Modular Bookshelf
String String Modular Bookshelf
Verpan Barboy
Hay Paper Bin
Hay Paper Bin
Hay PC Portable
Hay PC Portable
Flos Tab Table Lamp


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