The Vertigo lamp in a new and exclusive finish

16 September 2022

Vertgo Petite Friture bronze

A sophisticated bronze version makes the iconic Constance Guisset lamp even more elegant and versatile

When Constance Guisset began to imagine the Vertigo lamp she was still at university and although she deeply believed in the value of that project, she could not foresee that in a few years it would become an international success. Success due to the quality of the idea but also to the intuition of Petite Friture, the company that took over the production and that over the years has continued to invest in its evolution. This is also why Vertigo is among the most photographed and famous lamps, despite its young age: it went into production in 2010. Light and lightness are the values ​​pursued by Vertigo which discreetly illuminates and decorates the environment with its geometric movement. Its dynamic appearance expresses freedom, freedom of movement and creative freedom, a value to which Constance Guisset is inspired in her projects, combining experimentation and functional requirements.

Vertgo Petite Friture

Petite Friture, after all, was the perfect company to welcome this lamp into its family: founded by Amélie du Passage, it is devoted to discovering new design talents, experimenting with courage and without neglecting quality. The goal is to present collections that stand out for the originality of the lines, always softened by French elegance, a natural and discreet elegance. Let’s not forget that Vertigo is entirely produced in France, an important feature to understand the intention and the work from which it comes.

Constance Guisset

The color range is oriented towards sobriety, with small forays into color, such as cobalt, dark green and beetle: because the intention is not to amaze but rather to caress the perception of space. Vertigo is a large and light, ethereal lamp. It is composed of a cylinder of ribbons surmounted by the characteristic brim, almost reminiscent of an elegant lady’s hat turned upside down and moved by the wind, and perhaps for this reason it conveys a sense of elegance and freedom. It lets in light and air and does not hang over the space in which it is inserted. Precisely for this reason it is suitable for environments of various sizes, from the smallest to the largest. It has its own personality but at the same time lends itself to furnishing contexts with a different atmosphere. We can easily insert it in a classic living room, in an informal dining area, in a kitchen to which to give a high stylistic tone. Its structure is in fiberglass, steel and polyurethane that convey an immediate idea of ​​lightness and marry the designer’s intention to give movement to the whole.

Vertigo Petite Friture

Constance Guisset and Petite Friture have also been able to bring Vertigo to evolution, to keep it in step with the technological and functional innovation that the lighting field is experiencing in this period. First with the Vertigo Nova, of which Guisset tells: “Vertigo Nova is a mutation of the Vertigo lamp. The main idea was to work on the light itself, to soften it. It is almost as if the light were now immaterial, in the center of the lamp, with a strip of ribbons dancing around it”.

Vertgo Petite Friture bronze

Today, this iconic lamp takes on an even more refined and elegant look, thanks to the new bronze finish. Vertigo Bronze has a bold and festive touch but always faithful to the original idea, that of creating an essential, elegant, and ethereal lamp. Also in the bronze finish, the Vertigo lamp is versatile and adapts to environments with a different style. It fits perfectly where there are metal accents of art deco inspiration, in minimal environments it brings movement and decoration, in more richly decorated environments it introduces a visually ordered geometric element. And an admittedly elegant accent given by a finish designed to match today’s trendy palettes.

Vertgo Petite Friture bronze
Petite Friture Vertigo
Petite Friture Vertigo
Petite Friture Vertigo
Petite Friture Vertigo
Petite Friture Vertigo

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