The First Masterpieces by Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son

31 May 2021

Carl Hansen & Søn

The most iconic seats of the Danish designer are renewed thanks to the creative but respectful intervention of the English designer Ilse Crawford

One of the most iconic seats in the world is undoubtedly the CH24, better known as the Wishbone Chair, designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1949 and always produced by Carl Hansen & Son, the company that most of all gave birth to Wegner’s projects, and has continued to do so for over 70 years. However, CH24 is not the only seat that has made the designer and the company famous: there are at least four others, all united by a coherent formal approach, the materials used and the generosity of forms. These are the CH22, CH23, CH25, CH26 vary in size and formal details but reveal Wegner’s stylistic coherence and are all authentic icons of Danish design. Characterized by that functional elegance typical of the Scandinavian approach to design, they are versatile and of quality: they are seats, in fact, destined to be part of everyone’s personal furniture for a long time and over the years it is nice to find for them a new location and a new life. It is no coincidence that Carl Hansen & Son decided to expand the color range available through the job of an English designer, Ilse Crawford, who identified them through philological and artistic research. Respectful of Wegner, his project and the context in which the seats were designed. Let’s see in detail the models available in the new limited edition color variants: Pewter, Falu, Slate, North Sea and Seaweed.

Ilse Crawford Process
Ilse crawford portrait

CH24, the Wishbone Chair

ch24 by carl hansen & son

It is the most famous of the five seats and is characterized by the Y-shaped backrest that recalls the shape of a fortune bone. It was the first chair that Hans J. Wegner designed exclusively for Carl Hansen & Son and therefore established the lasting and winning partnership. The main design choice is to merge armrests and backrest into a single element, making everything stable and comfortable thanks to the central Y. The seats are made by hand weaving about 120 meters of paper rope.



It is the seat that welcomes more than the others, like a classic armchair. This project has led to the success of the use of paper rope, used here for both the backrest and the seat. Wegner appreciated both the appearance and durability of this material, elements for the success of the chair which, thanks to its essential lines but with great personality, continues to be an authentic icon.



The CH23 is a seemingly simple dining chair that actually reveals, to an attentive eye, many small details that tell the meticulous work and care that characterize its processing. The backrest is well balanced for greater comfort, the seat features a double paper rope weave and the rear legs are slightly curved for greater stability.


CH22 and CH26


Similar in formal approach but different both in size and in the intended use, the CH22 and CH26 chairs share the shape of the backrest designed to accommodate and envelop the body. The CH22 is wider and lower, perfect for a conversation corner, it works like a real armchair. The CH 26 is taller and narrower and is more similar to a dining chair, despite being wide and equipped with armrests. The similarity between the two chairs is explained precisely by the fact that Hans J. Wegner, after having designed the CH22, wanted to create a dining version which, however, was put into production only in 2016 but starting from his drawings.

Ilse crawford process
Carl Hansen & Søn CH24 Wishbone
Carl Hansen & Søn CH24 Wishbone
Carl Hansen & Søn CH25 Lounge Chair
Carl Hansen & Son CH23
Carl Hansen & Son CH26

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