Roberto Lazzeroni: comfort and elegance coexist in harmony

17 February 2023

Roberto Lazzeroni

The Tuscan designer has a down to hearth and sincere vision of design, which he has always declined with elegance

Soft lines, refined materials, beautiful colors beyond the trends. Roberto Lazzeroni is an excellent interpreter of a contemporary taste but with timeless beauty. Perhaps because from his home studio in Pisa he observes with due lucidity the swirling succession of trends, or because he filters them, to keep and apply only what he considers really interesting. His name is often associated with a multi-sensory vision of design and he himself underlines how in his approach to design he goes in search of solutions that can satisfy not only the need for comfort and functionality, but also the desire for visual and tactile beauty. In his collaborations with prestigious brands such as Poltrona Frau, Ceccotti Collezioni, Giorgetti and others, full and rounded lines are a recurring theme as is the research of materials, respect, and the ability to enhance their specific characteristics.

Fidelio by Poltrona Frau

During and after the pandemic there was great excitement around the theme of the home and the interior. What remains today of that phase?

The great change after the pandemic was a myth that we all believed a bit. But I think everything has remained pretty much the same and there hasn’t been any epochal change. The only aspect that has perhaps really changed is that relating to remote work. In our work as designers, it is an incomplete modality while other professions can also be carried out at home. Other than that, I haven’t noticed any major differences. Except that people, staying at home for a long time, understood that some things didn’t work and that others were bad and maybe needed to be changed. In addition to this, a new idea of the outdoors has matured, which was previously a sector little considered and has turned into a central one. Today everyone tends to want even a small outdoor space which, especially with our temperate climates, is an interesting possibility.

corinne baxter
Corinne armchair by Baxter

How has your style changed from the beginning to today?

As all things in life change, they evolve. But the founding elements of my style have remained intact: soft and sinuous shapes. For my part there is always great attention to an object that becomes sensual that can be enjoyed with sight but also with touch. Pleasant to look at and to touch. For a few years at the beginning, I worked a lot for interior architecture, precisely bearing in mind the idea of wanting to experiment with a series of specificities. The interiors are a gym in which to train and then do something else. They give you knowledge of housing and housing issues. And it was a fruitful and preparatory path for the development of my profession.

dorotea ceccotti collezioni
 Dorotea by Ceccotti Collezioni

How do you combine comfort and elegance?

Comfort is now linked to a standard, to ergonomics, to dimensional correctness. So, it’s not a problem and it’s not an element that goes against elegance and soft shapes. They are not aspects that collide with each other but on the contrary coexist.

ginger poltrona frau
Ginger armchair by Poltrona Frau

How would you describe your home?

I am certainly privileged because it is a very large house, in a garden that has a wild style, even if it is very well-kept. The house has large openings that connect inside and outside, it is very clean, very dry and there are many objects, not just mine, that I like. It is very large and comfortable and whoever sees it says it is also beautiful!

himba baxter
Himba sunbed by Baxter

Photo credit for Roberto Lazzeroni’s portraits: Alessio D’Aniello

Baxter Corinne Chair
Ceccotti Collezioni Dorotea
Poltrona Frau Fidelio
Poltrona Frau Ginger
Poltrona Frau Ginger
Baxter Himba Lounger
Baxter Himba Lounger
Poltrona Frau Montera Chair
Poltrona Frau Montera Chair
Poltrona Frau The Secret Garden Small Armchair
Poltrona Frau The Secret Garden Armchair
Giorgetti Vesper Sofa
Giorgetti Vesper Sofa

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