Knoll’s news for the flexible home: furnishing solutions between work and relaxation

26 August 2021

Novità Knoll 2021

From the partnership with Piero Lissoni, a series of furnishings in perfect balance between functionality and home comfort

The need to have a work space within the walls of the house is now much more than a transitory phenomenon. We have identified the benefits and advantages, first in an emergency way, by re-adapting furniture already present in the house, and then in a systematic and well-planned way. The spaces of the home office have therefore been redesigned, often with radical restructuring interventions. The home is not just a corner where we occasionally work on the computer but a real appendix to the “institutional” office, where you can also hold meetings and complete projects, relying on the necessary comfort and functionality.

Comfort and functionality are precisely the two key aspects of the novelties proposed by Knoll, in 2021, for the collection called Work from home.

On the one hand, maximum functionality, which can stimulate us to tackle work with determination, technical elements suitable for fast paces. On the other hand, an aesthetic that fits smoothly within a domestic context, characterized by a welcoming and elegant but also informal style.

The task of summarizing function and aesthetics, in keeping with Knoll’s modernist aesthetic, was entrusted to Piero Lissoni. Its essential but gentle, elegant but no frills feature has been able to interpret this collection in a contemporary and coherent key, which represents the ideal balance between function and comfort.

KN Collection

The KN family of chairs and armchairs, already present in the Knoll catalog and born from the collaboration with Lissoni, expands precisely in the direction of better management of the workspace at home. The KN06 armchair, born in 2020 as a fixed seat with four legs in cast aluminum, is introduced today in the swivel and height-adjustable version with a lever below the seat. It has a fiberglass shell that can be painted in black or white, or, for a more comfortable and “domestic” result, upholstered in fabric or leather. More essential is the KN07, a chair without armrests, with a clean and fluid design, also available in a four-legged or swivel version. It can be upholstered in fabric or leather and is suitable for both a work environment and a more youthful study corner.

Grasshopper Table

Grasshopper is a collection of tables designed by Piero Lissoni for Knoll in 2017 and which is now evolving with a view to an increasingly structured Home Office. Also in this case the lines are sculpted and essential but there is no lack of formal details that refer to the stylistic imprint of Knoll and respectful of its modernist roots. Let’s not forget that in the home office style is not a secondary aspect, we are still in the living area and everything must be chosen and matched with care. And in terms of stylistic details, in the Grasshopper tables the steel structure and rounded or rectangular feet do not go unnoticed. In the design of these desks, Lissoni and Knoll have taken into great consideration the possibility of adjusting the height to obtain a workstation that is as ergonomic as possible. Hence the two versions: Grasshopper Height-Adjustable Desk, and Grasshopper Console, available in three different fixed heights. In the first, the height is controlled through a display and allows you to alternate between sitting and standing work, very popular in recent years, especially among those who spend many hours at the computer. For an even more ergonomic and flexible solution, the Sapper Monitor Arm, designed by Richard Sapper, can be integrated: an adjustable monitor arm.

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