Marie Claire Maison presents the “Le Case di Carta” exhibition

13 November 2023

Le Case di Carta

Opening on November 16th, “Le Case di Carta” is the new Marie Claire Maison exhibition in collaboration with Mohd, curated by design historian Domitilla Dardi and brought to life by the artistic vision of Alberto Artesani and Frederik De Wachter from DWA Design Studio. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the magazine, the event pays homage to five distinct ways of experiencing home life that have left an indelible mark on the last two decades of the past millennium.

Refined, elegant, and cosmopolitan, Marie Claire Maison Italia, a magazine within the Hearst multinational publishing group, artfully portrays the creativity of domestic life as genuinely experienced by its inhabitants, and for twenty years, has been a wellspring of inspiration for millions of readers fascinated with the Art de vivre. The evolving story of domestic life over the past two decades will unfold beyond the magazine’s pages, magically materializing through five distinct living scenarios—each a reflection of the desires and subtle nuances that intricately shape our daily lives. “Le Case di Carta” captures the essence of individual personalities and styles, seamlessly translating them into a modern context using iconic pieces from the most prestigious furniture companies.

Casa Archivio 1
Artworks courtesy of DWA Design Studio

The Archive House serves as a vessel for both intimate and universally shared memories. Tradition takes center stage, as historical elements from the design legends of the past are artfully reinterpreted. This scenario is far from nostalgic; instead, it proudly embraces a connection to a bygone era that remains perpetually relevant. Memory isn’t merely celebrated as something long gone but as an idea thriving in the present, evolving organically with the changes of the contemporary landscape.

The Performance House radiates vitality and dynamism, embodying a spirited and somewhat whimsical personality. It screams exuberance, leaving nothing to chance; even the smallest details take on a pivotal role. The furnishings invite interaction, urging to be used and touched, evolving into objects of play and enjoyment. Each element commands attention, sparking a desire to astonish.

Casa Archivio 2
Artworks courtesy of DWA Design Studio.

A deep appreciation for form in its purest essence, embracing clean lines free from rigid patterns or nods to classical volumes: the Pure House evokes a sense of precision and splendor, almost achieving an abstract perfection. Infusing vitality into the scene are distinctive, soft, and inviting hues. Within the pure house, there’s a profound influence of the Orient: the shapes remain precise yet never angular, with rigor and discipline dedicated to well-being. All of this aligns with a strong ethical commitment to preserve materials, fostering a circular economy.

The Superfunctional House epitomizes the dynamic integration of the outdoor space into the interior. The dissolution of the indoor-outdoor boundary reflects the evolution of our times — the era of the home-office, the home-gym, the revelation of a part of our private space to the outside. This seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces traces back to the early 21st century, mirroring the attempt to assimilate technological forms typically associated with outdoor spaces into the domestic environment. It’s a house designed with function in mind, swift and dynamic, relentlessly keeping pace with the rapid changes of our age.

Artworks courtesy of DWA Design Studio

Having long moved beyond the dogma that separates handmade and machine-made, the Techno-Craft house exemplifies the perfect union of these seemingly opposing forces. Advanced technologies and products, enhancing the value of manual craftsmanship, give rise to what we term as Craftsmanship 2.0. Industrial production plays a pivotal role in elevating hand finishing to the forefront. At the heart of the Techno-Craft house lies decoration—a desire of paramount importance, now enriched with new forms of expression.

The “Le Case di Carta” exhibition is open to the public from the 16th to the 19th of November 2023 in Milan and showcases some of the iconic pieces from the most important design brands of the last 20 years.

Mohd offers the opportunity to experience the exhibition in a digital version, with an immersive virtual tour.

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