Modular and versatile light solutions

27 April 2023

Poses by Axolight

New wall lamps to compose your own lighting design-project

Tracing a luminous graphic sign on a wall or ceiling and marking the space with light is a made-to-measure solution with a spectacular result. Today it is possible thanks to a type of lamp with a flexible structure and a modular concept that allows the creation of creative and functional solutions, favoring the style and mood of the interior in which they are inserted. Typically, this type of lamp consists of a basic module that can be replicated and given shape and size starting from a specific and tailor-made design idea for the space. This solution has been interpreted differently by various companies and the results are stunning. Suitable for both domestic interiors and professional or contract contexts, these lamps are for the designer like a brush in the artist’s hands and the walls become the canvas on which to create unique compositions with a strong visual impact.

Poses and Pivot by Axolight

The plane, the straight line, and the point: the basic concepts of Euclidean geometry are the inspiration for Poses collection (on the cover) which allows not only to bring light to every point of the wall but also to create countless flat geometric figures. The elements that make up the basic module are linear bars of different lengths and circular joints, which can also be chosen in different colors to give the final composition more character.

Poses by Axolight

For the same company, the Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukusada has designed Pivot: the system consists of cylindrical spotlights interconnected through tubular conduits. In the standard version there are from two to ten lights and the interpretative possibilities are almost endless. The style is Zen-inspired, it is no coincidence that the luminous cylinder draws inspiration from hishaku, a wooden ladle used in Japan to collect water and purify oneself before entering a shrine.

Endless by Davide Groppi

The functional aesthetics of the electric circuit is what inspired Davide Groppi’s Endless project which can transform any space into an electric circuit. The solution lies in an adhesive conductive tape that adheres to any type of surface, bringing electricity wherever you want to insert a point of light. Freeing the design from the need to create masonry traces and giving the possibility to really design with light.

endless by davide groppi

Dot to Dot by C12+ for Zava

Dot to dot is the graphic game that consists in joining several dots with a stroke. And it is precisely the image evoked by this wall and ceiling lamp made up of arms of different lengths that integrate a LED light and circular joints. These two elements allow you to create customized graphic compositions, to be further characterized thanks to the different colors available.

dot to dot by zava

Nastro system by Studiopepe for Tooy

Light becomes an architectural element thanks to the ribbon system imagined by Studiopepe for Tooy. It is the modular expansion of the Nastro lighting collection and provides for the alternation of rectangular sections and cylinders: both integrate a light source and can be installed on the wall or suspended from the ceiling.

Leda by Luca De Bona & Dario De Meo for Karman

Leda is like a luminous necklace that can take on different configurations in space and time and illuminate and decorate the environment in an unprecedented way. The name is a double reference: imagined as the feminine of led recalls the myth of Leda and the swan.

La Linea by Bjarke Ingles for Artemide

The line is a lamp in optical silicone with high diffusion, this material allows it to be flexible and easy to insert on the wall or ceiling in different types of environments. Like a stroke of a luminous marker, it can be freely interpreted in a playful or sophisticated way, creating projects of great visual and decorative impact.

La linea by Artemide

Halo by Martín Azúa for Vibia

Halo is a strip of light that can be interpreted to create a potentially unlimited series of graphic designs on walls and ceilings. Vertically, horizontally, obliquely: by combining the elements just like in the game of Shanghai, unexpected combinations can be obtained.

Darf by Philipp Weinberger for Wever&Ducré

The idea behind Darf is a luminous bar that diffuses the light evenly, with two joints at the end that allow the luminous element to be suspended from the wall or ceiling. The union of several elements can give life to geometric combinations of strong impact.

Axolight Pivot
Davide Groppi Endless
Zava Dot to Dot
Tooy Nastro Modular System
Karman Leda
Artemide La Linea
Wever & Ducrè Darf

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