Vincent Van Duysen’s timeless design

19 April 2022

The Belgian designer has a clear vision of his approach to the project: functionality, durability and comfort are his cornerstones.

Purity and visual coherence are recurring in Vincent Van Duysen‘s interior and furniture projects. Born in Lokeren in Belgium, in 1962, he established his studio in Antwerp from which, with his staff, he works on projects that come to life all over the world. Since 2016 he has been creative director of Molteni & C and Dada, whose roots and historical productions he has deepened to look to the future with coherence. Coherence, after all, is the value that binds his poetics to that of the company he feels akin to in the search for functional solutions, characterized by timeless aesthetics and visual comfort and use. Values ​​such as timelessness, organicity and sustainability can be read in all its collections for the most prestigious brands in the sector including Serax, Paola Lenti, B&B Italia, Flos and Kettal.

What kind of aesthetics do you instill in your projects?
My aesthetic hinges on pure and tactile materials that result in a clear and timeless design.  My approach covers all aspects of design – with respect to context and tradition – within which the senses and physical experience of the space, materials, and light place the user at its core. Functionality, durability, and comfort are the prime components of my work. My architectural language is not shy of aesthetics but resists fashion and trends.

What is the common thread behind your architectural and design projects?

To me architecture is not detached from interior design or furniture. The common fil rouge is a compendious effort that encompasses passion and research and understanding of human needs together with channeling tactility, timelessness, organicity, texture, serenity, comfort, natural materials, light, and exquisite craftmanship.

More in general, I perceive architecture and design in a broader way: It is not only the physical construction of space or product but creating spaces or objects for people to live in surrounded by art, furniture pieces and accessories. All these elements are part of this art of living that is part of my parcours, a sort of gesamtkunstwerk. I am aware of the different scales of a project.

What features cannot be missing in a home interior?

Since I work for human beings first and foremost, my interiors should improve their lives in an organic and timeless manner. I want to keep on designing and creating for mankind in an organic way, giving timeless spaces to human beings characterized my warm, welcome textures, timeless pieces, play of light and shadows. I try to deliver shrine within which the dweller feels at ease, protected, and can re-energize after a long day of work.

What is the thing you like the most about being Molteni creative director?

I like the fact that we are a good match because the world of Molteni&C is unique: It is steeped in excellence, architectural heritage (Gio Ponti), and outstanding craftsmanship. Their style is not screaming design, it’s an understated sophistication and elegance, just like my creations. Ours is a symbiosis of worlds with an architectural and interior design attitude that tries to rethink and readdress both the world and the art of living.

In your opinion, what direction is contract design taking right now?

New contract work and collections will evolve due to the changing times: Think of Covid-19, we will take into account social distancing and home working which, more and more, are entering and blurring the lines between living and working spaces. Contract will have to think of hybrid work situations and from there present optimal solutions. Another topic to consider is sustainability. Materials should be sourced locally while each piece should be timeless and last forever, instead of being thrown out and replaced by new furnishings at each renovation or remodeling of a contract space.

Molteni & C. Marteen
Molteni & C. Albert
B&B Italia Oskar Table
Dada Ratio
Paola Lenti Portofino
Paola Lenti Toku

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