Moroso: 70 years of creative elegance between craftsmanship and industry

24 May 2022

A portrait of the company, still led by the Moroso family today, through its iconic collections

Formal experimentation and chromatic choices that go beyond trends are the most evident aspects of Moroso‘s collections. A company that celebrates its 70th anniversary by continuing to offer innovative collections in step with the times, capable of interpreting the spirit of the time. Also thanks to an extremely solid history that began in 1952 when Agostino Moroso with his wife Diana founded a company for the production of upholstered furniture with an artisanal but immediately creative approach. Moroso plants the seeds for what will be the natural evolution of the brand which, starting from the 80s, in the hands of the second generation, begins a path of collaboration with internationally renowned designers, a path that continues today with success. The goal, centered, is to differentiate, emerge from an aesthetic point of view and at the same time preserve the design and production depth of a company that has its roots in textile craftsmanship and knows every aspect of it in depth. Today Moroso celebrates 70 years of history and is still a family-run business, in the highest sense of the expression. Led by Roberto and Patrizia Moroso, it has evolved from an industrial and managerial point of view, without betraying its original vocation, as demonstrated by some of its most iconic collections.

New Tone by Massimo Iosa Ghini, 1989

New yet classic, the “tone” proposed by Massimo Iosa Ghini almost seems to play with the categories in which design is usually included. The designer “steals” the elegance and proportion from the classic sofa and lends them to a refined and innovative collection at the same time. Post-modern and essential, New Tone does not seem designed in the roaring 80s / 90s but in an era out of time. Because it is an “institutional” and composed sofa but at the same time colorful and playful, and in this it perfectly embodies the spirit of Moroso.

Fjord by Patricia Urquiola, 2002

The partnership between Patricia Urquiola and Moroso has generated over the years a series of contemporary icons of great beauty and charm. The Fjord armchair is an example: the formal inspiration is a consumed shell shaped by the motion of the waves translated into design through the Scandinavian style filter, evoked by the name. The reference is to Arne Jacobsen and the inlets of the coasts of Northern Europe. An enveloping piece of furniture rich in quotes to let yourself be carried away.

Supernatural by Ross Lovegrove, 2005

Not only upholstered: Moroso also revolutionizes the chair with this iconic collection designed by Ross Lovegrove. Supernatural evokes organic matter in the backrest, with holes with different shapes that characterize its aesthetics, making it light and at the same time letting light and air circulate. Supernatural is a stackable chair suitable for outdoor use and for this reason it is appreciated both for domestic settings and for contract spaces.

Tropicalia by Patricia Urquiola, 2008

A disruptive and highly successful collection: Tropicalia is a design of interweaving traced by the tubular steel covered with plastic cords in bright and, indeed, tropical colors or in sober earthy tones. It recalls the wicker chairs of the 60s and 70s but in a refined and completely new key. It is a large outdoor seat that can also be used to revolutionize a statement interior.

My Beautiful Backside by Nipa Doshi & Jonathan Levien, 2008

Nipa Doshi & Jonathan Levien design a collection of sofas and armchairs, bringing the cushion to the fore. From it they start to create the iconic backrest system that characterizes the project, which not surprisingly takes the name of My beautiful backside: the beauty is (also) behind.

Moroso My beautiful backside
Moroso My beautiful backside
Moroso My beautiful backside
Moroso Tropicalia
Moroso Tropicalia
Moroso Tropicalia
Moroso Supernatural
Moroso Newtone Armchair


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