Planika: history and collections of the brand that brought the fireplace to every home

18 October 2022

Planika Fires

It is the leader company for bioethanol fireplaces and offers versatile collections with a contemporary style

The starry sky and a lit fire: the idea of ​​creating Planika was born like this, in an evening spent by its founders, Alfred Weilandt and Jerry Dabrowski, around a bonfire in Australia. In that magical and mysterious moment, immersed in nature, they began to think about how to bring visual warmth and the light of the fireplace to every home, safely and with an up-to-date technology. The challenge was to avoid all the problems and needs of the traditional fireplace: ash, fumes, flue, safety and so on. They began to work with this goal and after a series of research and experimentation they arrived at what today is their most identifying product: the bioethanol fireplace. The company also produces indoor and outdoor gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces but the most widespread technology among those proposed is certainly the bioethanol one, extremely versatile and with a non-invasive installation.

Discreet and cutting-edge technology of bioethanol fireplaces

In the continuous search for safer and more efficient solutions in fire management, Planika has developed a new, patented system, called BEV ™ or Burning Ethanol Vapor. This technology includes a tank with an automatic system for inserting bioethanol, a fuel level sensor that prevents it from escaping, a vapor generator and a series of safety measures designed for children, for inclination and for the seismic activity. Safety and practicality are therefore a priority in this technology. Ignition is also extremely simple and takes place via a button, or remotely via an app or remote control, as is the adjustment of the flame. In this way, any direct contact with fire is avoided and there is no risk of bioethanol leaking. These technical details allow you to use your fireplace easily and calmly, enjoying the spectacle of the fire in complete serenity. And they also allow you to insert the fireplace in any room of the house: from the living room to the bedroom, from the entrance, in which to welcome with warmth, to the bathroom, to create a special wellness and atmospheric living room.

Self-supporting bioethanol fireplaces

Parallel to technical research, Planika carries out design and formal research which is expressed in two broad categories of bioethanol fireplaces. The first is that of self-supporting: these are models that do not require any installation. They are ready-to-use appliances and can ideally be placed in any corner of the house, also because, as already mentioned, their technology produces flames but no fumes or odors. For example, the models of this type include the Scandi series by Planika which in appearance evokes the classic Scandinavian stoves, immediately creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It is also an interesting solution for those who want to insert this type of element in an already complete home, just as if it were an additional piece of furniture, extremely discreet but of great charm.

Planika Fires

Built-in bioethanol fireplaces

In the architectural design phase, highly elegant solutions can be created by embedding bioethanol fireplace modules in custom-made structures coordinated with the materials chosen for the environment. In this way, the fireplace integrates perfectly into the furniture, for example by inserting itself into an equipped wall or into a large custom-made element. When turned off it is invisible, when turned on it becomes a decorative element, a living sculpture, but not only: because as already mentioned, the fireplace, even though it is bioethanol and does not produce fumes, still emits a small amount of heat. Which helps to heat the environment and transmits an immediate feeling of well-being and comfort.

Planika Fires Fireplace
Planika Fires Fireplace


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