The portable lamps of Flos illuminate the evenings of spring

6 May 2021

In Vitro Unplugged by Flos

Efficient and beautiful, Flos portable lamps are the essential accessory for a perfect outdoor evening

In recent years we have witnessed an important evolution in the field of lighting: increasing attention to the possibility of moving the light source to fully experience every corner of the house and above all of the outdoor space where light points are often scarce or completely absent. Illuminating a dinner or an evening in our outdoor space by having the ability to position the light exactly where we want is a very important change that has a very strong impact on both the design and use of terraces and gardens. But also at home, being able to illuminate a certain area even in the absence of the light point is a small revolution that makes the creation of corners for reading, conversation and work more immediate and simple where before, precisely due to the poor lighting, it was not possible to do it. Flos has long understood the significance of this new perspective, we discover in this brief overview how the company has translated and developed its functions.

Mayday by Constantin Grcic

mayday by flos

Already in 2000, when the universe of portable lights was still little explored and still unknown, Flos presented the Mayday lamp, designed by Constantin Grcic. Of industrial inspiration, Mayday recalls certain workshop lamps, with the hook that allows you to hang it where it is most functional and the long cable that solves the possible absence of an electrical socket where it is needed. Mayday, moreover, is a message of request for help, understood in this case as the need to bring light where it is not there.

Bon Jour Unplugged by Philippe Starck

bon jour by flos

A big change in the portable lamp sector was undoubtedly the introduction of the rechargeable function that allows you to recharge the lamp and then place it where you prefer as needed. The Bon Jour lamp, designed for Flos by Philippe Starck, is recharged via mini USB and has an autonomy of six hours. The design is essential but customizable thanks to the possibility of choosing the combination of stem and crown available in various finishes. Perfect at the center of the table, as an evolution of candlelight, and in general to bring light where it was not possible before, especially outdoor.

Bellhop Table Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

Bellhop by Flos

The opal surface finish and rounded shapes give the Bellhop Table rechargeable lamp by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby a vaguely retro look. After all, it is a lamp designed not only to illuminate but also to evoke an intimate and precious atmosphere. Originally, the lamp was designed for the Design Museum in London, is recharged via micro USB-C and has an autonomy of 24 hours, under the base there is the battery status indicator.

In Vitro Unplugged by Philippe Starck

In Vitro Unplugged by Flos

In Vitro was born as a collection of outdoor lights and thinking about the evenings to be spent outdoors it was intuitive to create a portable version, therefore unplugged, of this lamp. Designed just like a classic glass lantern, it has a die-cast and extruded aluminum structure powder-coated and treated to resist atmospheric agents. The light source is practically invisible and consists of an ultra-flat and circular LED from which the light is diffused into the borosilicate glass capsule. Designed specifically for the outdoors, In Vitro Unplugged is watertight and also features a soft touch silicone hook to facilitate movement and follow us wherever we want in our evenings outdoors.

Flos In Vitro Unplugged
Flos Bellhop
Flos Mayday
Flos In Vitro Unplugged


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