Salone del Mobile 2024: David Lopez Quincoces introduces Lorentz, the new collection for Living Divani

6 May 2024


A sophisticated combination of leather and wood for the living room, Lorentz is a modular system that allows you to create different configurations tailored to the space and the desires of those who live there.

Born in 1980 in Madrid, David Lopez Quincoces chose Milan as his home: here, after a long experience alongside Piero Lissoni, he founded the Quincoces-Dragò studio together with his Swedish partner Fanny Bauer Grund. The design style is devoted to substantial luxury which is expressed in essential and refined lines, experimental but always clean, enhanced by materials chosen with care and coherence.

Among the studio’s most consolidated collaborations is the one with Living Divani, for which Quincoces has designed various significant collections such as the outdoor collection Kasbah, Greene, Agra and Brasilia, just to name a few. For the same company, on the last Salone del Mobile, the designer presented the Lorentz collection, a perfect harmony between his approach and the Living Divani style.

As he himself says, the collection was born by imagining an indoor version of the Kasbah collection, which he designed for the outdoors and in this transition from outdoor to indoor, a lot of focus is placed on the choice of warm materials, such as leather and wood. Another founding element is the modularity which makes the system versatile and adaptable.

Living Divani
Ph. Cesare Chimenti

What is the name of the new collection for Living Divani and what characterizes it?

The new collection is called Lorentz and let’s say that the project started as an evolution of Kasbah but for indoors. Maybe a little different by trying to slightly change the proportions by compacting it a little more, giving it a little more versatility in terms of modularity. It is a system in all respects, not only linear but also double-sided, two-sided, L-shaped: it is a complete system that allows you to have many sofas.

Ph. Cesare Chimenti

Living Divani Lorentz Sofa Collection

What colors and materials were chosen and why?

Colors and materials are the colors and materials of the entire Living Divani range. Ultimately, with this approach towards the interior I wanted to start from Kasbah which combined wood with fabric and in this case I liked the idea of having the possibility of combining fabric with fabric, or fabric with leather and then introducing wood only in the part of the accessories for which the tray, in the part of the central tables, in the interleaved tables however not at a structural level but at a surface level.

Living Divani
Ph. Cesare Chimenti

Precisely regarding the collaboration with Living Divani, what did you make the company your own, what struck you and what inspired you?

With Living Divani we have now been working together for more than 10 years and in my opinion it is a mutual harmony both in terms of working method, aesthetics, mission, as well as humanly from the entire team of the research and development center to the Bestetti family who are now part of the Italy that I know, in some way they have also become a part of my life and my work project and I find myself truly in tune and in synergy with them and absolutely very aligned on a design level.

Watch our exclusive interview with David Lopez Quincoces on Instagram

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