Screen with a sophisticated design that separate and decorate

9 March 2023

Ambassade Cassina

Functional and decorative furnishing element for a fluid and versatile space

The ability to reconfigure space, to mark its distribution in a flexible and reversible way is an aspect that is increasingly appreciated today. At home, where the same room often hosts different functions, the screen is a useful accessory for defining and re-defining boundaries, ensuring that each member of the family has their own space for leisure, work, study and so on. Thanks to the creativity and expertise of the design, the screen is not only functional furniture but also a decorative element full of charm. A charm that is expressed in the refined textures, in the choice of materials and finishes, in the chromatic solutions now devoted to enhancing the natural characteristics of the materials, now creating kaleidoscopic settings with a strong visual impact. Whether discreet or full of character, the screen is a piece of furniture to be rediscovered, here are some examples with different styles, all united by the ability to interpret and reconfigure spaces, making the most of them.

Ambassade by Charlotte Perriand for Cassina

313 solid wood bricks made by hand and assembled one by one make up the Ambassade screen (on the cover) which can be assimilated to a work of art as well as a real architecture. The result of this work with a profound design and production value is a functional sculpture that furnishes the space and elevates its decorative depth. Like a wooden wall that lets in light and air, the Ambassade screen makes the room warmer and more welcoming, conveying a sense of protection.

Ambassade by Cassina

Feng by Testatonda for Wiener GTV Design

The ideas that inspire this project are many. First, the Japanese concept of shibumi “discreet beauty”, expressed in the essentiality of the lines and materials. Secondly, the unfolding of a sail that lets itself be inflated by the wind, recalled by the rounded shape which also recalls the profile of a leaf. The third strong element is the combination of materials: the lacquered wood rests on brass feet and the fabrics are offered in a wide variety of colors and styles.

feng by gtw

Henley Street by Yabu Pushelberg for Man of Parts

The name given by George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg to this screen refers to the street in Straford-upon-Avon, England, where William Shakespeare lived as a child. A house that also served as his father’s work space who therefore needed to separate private space from public space. An extremely current need today and the screen designed by Yabu and Pushelberg is a meeting of past and present: the structure is in solid oak and the panels are in woven bamboo.

Colony by Skrivo Design for Miniforms

With its Vienna straw panels, Colony lends itself to being an element of space division but also an ideal setting to make an interior more refined and complete. It has a three-dimensional profile that amplifies the perception of space and transforms it into a visually dynamic element that brings movement to the environment in which it is located.

Divide by Pitsou Kedem for MDF Italia

The Divide screen declines the theme of the reconfiguration of environments in two different directions. First of all, with the possibility of being easily moved to different points of the space, to which it adapts thanks to the possibility of choosing between two different sizes. Furthermore, Divide is made up of a series of small panels that rotate on themselves and allow you to modulate the passage of light, air, and sound.

Folding Screen by Eileen Gray for ClassiCon

The design of this screen, imagined in 1930 by Eileen Gray, was very much ahead of today’s times, where the industrial style has become one of the strong trends. It consists of four perforated metal panels: the holes make it light and therefore easier to move and at the same time let the right amount of light and air through.

Tramonto a New York by Gaetano Pesce for Cassina

Sometimes the screen can take on the characteristics of a true art form. This happens in the case of Tramonto a New York, designed by Gaetano Pesce and imagined as a kaleidoscopic skyline with the setting sun behind it. The skyscraper-panels are in colored resin, a material dear to the author, and are held together by burnished brass hinges.

Plot by Gamfratesi for Poltrona Frau

Plot was imagined as a modular system for dividing space. It can be made with two, three or four panels characterized by an aluminum supporting structure – light and easy to move – and a leather frame whose weaves give life to enchanting geometric patterns.

Rayures by Gamfratesi for Glas Italia

Rayures is a screen that enhances the natural beauty of the glass it is made of. The panels are characterized by horizontal or vertical grooves, in shades of yellow and lilac, as well as in a neutral finish. The joints are in anthracite chromed brass and a mirror can be added to the end of the composition.

Cassina Ambassade Paravent
Cassina Tramonto a New York Screen
ClassiCon Folding Screen
ClassiCon Folding Screen
Miniforms Colony Screen
MDF Italia Divide It
MDF Italia Divide It
Wiener GTV Design Feng
Man of Parts Henley Street
Man of Parts Henley Street
Poltrona Frau Plot Separé
Glas Italia Rayures

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