Sofa trend: low seats and 70s lines

22 July 2022

Symbol of a formal but also social revolution, the low sofa, a standard from the 1970s, is back in the new collections

Could a handful of centimeters be the reflection of social change? It seems a paradox, yet it is precisely what happened in the 1970s. That handful of centimeters is relative to the height of the sofas that in those years, one collection after another, were introduced on the market and became a real must: Soriana by Afra and Tobia Scarpa (1969), Camaleonda by Mario Bellini ( 1970), Togo by Michel Ducaroy (1973) just to name a few. Social change is that of habits and ways of living the living room and conviviality. A more relaxed and informal way: the low seat in which, almost sinking, invited you to get really comfortable. An evolution compared to the classic sofa, in which the etiquette required you to sit at the tip of the seat, with a straight back and an almost plastered posture. The low sofa is the mirror of a new conviviality, more authentic and intimate, for which the need is felt again today. And here the new sofa collections recover that formal setting and next to them, necessarily, even the coffee tables are lowered.

Le Mura by Mario Bellini for Tacchini

Designed in 1952, the sofa Le Mura (on the cover), by Mario Bellini, turns fifty. To celebrate this anniversary, Tacchini proposes it again, focusing on its extreme formal and structural relevance. Le Mura, in fact, is a real modular system which, assuming different configurations, shows itself with an absolutely current aesthetic. The new edition is rethought, together with Bellini, to offer even more comfort, without betraying the original project whose shapes were inspired, as the name suggests, by the ancient city walls.

Twiggy by Rodolfo Dordoni for Minotti

The Twiggy system by Rodolfo Dordoni for Minotti is also an invitation to conviviality. The newly launched collection consists of single seats available in small, large and deep versions with and without armrests. In addition, a bench, couch and chaise longue to make the composition more dynamic and versatile and invite you to experiment with different forms and methods of use.

The rhythm of the whole is dictated by the rigor of the geometric shapes expressed not only by the square shape of the seats but also and above all by the stitching that on the leather, nubuck or fabric upholstery recount all the manufacturing expertise of the company.

Miami Soft by Paola Navone for Baxter

It is the evolution of the Miami Roll sofa designed by Navone for Baxter. An evolution that follows the direction of softness, hence the name. Miami Soft is soft, not only to the touch, not only to use, but also to the eye. At first glance, in fact, you can sense the designer’s intent: to offer an island in which to indulge in relaxation. Without neglecting the formal details that make this sofa not only comfortable but also elegant.

Brera by Jean Marie Massaud for Poliform

The design vision is that of a domestic landscape, to be composed thanks to a series of elements with a circular or linear profile. Brera is the new sofa designed by Jean Marie Massaud for Poliform focusing on comfort, elegance and tailoring details that make it exclusive and special.

Low Table by Piero Lissoni for Knoll

In a balanced composition the low sofas are flanked, indispensable, by low tables. Like the Low Table, by Piero Lissoni for Knoll, whose name already explains the formal and functional intention of this project. Round, in concrete: it is essential and sculptural.

Omphalos by John Pawson for Salvatori

Omphalos, in Greek navel, center of the world. Because this coffee table captures the attention of the environment in which it is inserted thanks to the pleasant dissonance between its dimensions – the side can be one meter or one and a half meters – and its visual lightness. Round or square, in natural stone, it is available in the Bianco Carrara and Crema d’Orcia finishes, with a smooth effect.

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