A penthouse in Panama with breathtaking city views

A penthouse in Panama with breathtaking city views

The Diorama penthouse in Panama showcases luxurious contemporary interiors, where exquisite details, bespoke design, and a soothing neutral colour palette come together seamlessly, creating an urban atmosphere that invites you to indulge in the awe-inspiring views gracing every room

A penthouse in Panama with breathtaking city views
Time Span
Interior Design
dos G arquitectos
Alfredo Joel Martiz

The Diorama penthouse is a meticulously crafted haven of luxury that beautifully complements its exceptional location and offers breathtaking views. As you admire the panorama, the distinctive silhouettes of the city’s skyscrapers create a sophisticated setting that enhances the allure of this sumptuous space.

The talented architects at Dos G Arquitectos approached the design with a clear goal in mind—to harmoniously integrate the spectacular outdoor views into the indoor space, placing special emphasis on achieving a stunning panoramic view of almost 180° in the living room. The interiors have been reimagined from a contemporary perspective, creating a captivating interplay between the penthouse’s architecture and the stunning panoramic scenery.

Openness, spatial permeability, and simplicity are fundamental elements of the architectural approach. Through skilful manipulation of space and careful design choices, the architects have achieved a remarkable sense of fluidity while preserving clear definition. The result is a living space where the boundaries between the inside and outside dissolve, effectively transforming the views into integral compositional elements that shape the interior project.

The carefully selected furniture showcases clean lines, understated finishes, and a neutral colour palette. This choice stems from the intent to create a harmonious synergy, allowing the view to truly shine as the undeniable star of the space.

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