A villa in Catania between modernist architecture and Sicilian tradition

A villa in Catania between modernist architecture and Sicilian tradition

In Catania, on the slopes of Mount Etna overlooking the Faraglioni, there’s a private residence characterised by a refined taste that combines a contemporary style and Sicily’s warm tones: a piece of paradise surrounded by centuries-old olive trees to fully embrace the enchanting art of slow living in Sicily.

A villa in Catania between modernist architecture and Sicilian tradition
Time Span
Catania, Sicily
Interior Design
Salvatore Puleo

A place immersed in nature, on a headland between the slopes of Mount Etna and the Gulf of Catania: that was the client’s wish. A Sicilian entrepreneur who works in fashion, he chose the volcanic hills surrounding Catania to enjoy the city’s cultural and social dynamism while still having total privacy. The view stretches out from the Faraglioni of Acitrezza to Syracuse.

Built around a peaceful courtyard filled with centuries-old olive trees, the residence is flooded with light and sunshine. Large windows create a harmonious indoor-outdoor flow that invites the lush vegetation inside. The windows can be fully opened during warmer months, letting the air in and cooling the spaces.

Architect Salvatore Puleo merges the modernist architecture of the 1960s with a more contemporary taste, using materials that pay homage to the territory. The warm, earthy tones recall the old Sicilian houses. Lava stone, combined with modern materials, is the dominant element, emerging from the dusty grey shades of the concrete. The long swimming pool’s colour evokes the light grey nuances of the Mediterranean Sea, becoming a part of the landscape.

The geometry of the spaces follows the land’s topography and plays with perspectives, creating hybrid areas that seamlessly extend from the kitchen to the outside area, cutting through windows and concrete walls as if they were eye-catching backdrops used to enhance the environment.

The kitchen, entirely designed by Mohd’s Interior Design Service Team, has a panoramic view. A monolithic element with natural shades that enhances the materials, namely marble and wood.

The ceilings house an almost invisible lighting system that, in addition to creating a warm and welcoming space after sunset, traces some of the house’s passageways, creating suggestive light effects in different areas of the residence.

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