Back to office: more than ergonomic, Varier chairs allow you to work dynamically and freely

24 August 2021


With an original and recognizable design and the result of continuous research, the Norwegian company has revolutionized the concept of the office chair

“We design chairs that encourage people to move even when they are seated”: this is the revolutionary intuition of Varier, the Norwegian company that has brought a wave of innovation in the seating sector and in particular in the desk sector. The need to have an ergonomic seat at the desk was already known, but Varier has taken a step forward, focusing on the importance of not staying in the same position for long. But how is it possible to encourage movement when we are at the computer, perhaps for many consecutive hours? The company’s apparently provocative response was: let’s create chairs that don’t make us sit still. And here over the years a whole new concept of office chair has come to life, a concept to keep in mind when after the holidays, in which our body has experienced the benefits of a healthy movement to the fullest, we will return to the sedentary lifestyle of work rhythms. If we manage to keep even part of the dynamism and freedom of movement of the holidays, the recovery will be less stressful for both the body and the mind.

After all, Varier’s idea was deepened and theorized by various Scandinavian designers, first of all Peter Opsvik who dedicated his professional life to the design of dynamic chairs, which give the possibility to rest the knees, move the back and take different positions throughout the day. He was the first to realize that there is no single way of sitting and that a dynamic posture is the best for the well-being of the body. And as often happens in Scandinavian design, a functional principle translates into a formal revolution, as demonstrated by the original and characterful style of the Varier chairs.



Variable, designed in 1979 by Peter Opsvik is perhaps the most iconic of the Varier chairs. His name is a statement of his intent to allow you to vary your position and move freely. Instead of the classic feet, the seat features a sled that makes the user swing. The knees, one or both feet can be placed on the front platform, or the latter can simply be placed on the ground. Because the idea is to leave free choice and invite you to change your position.

variable by varier


multi by varier

In 1981 Opsvik designed the Multi seat which in particular, thanks to the support of the knees, allows you to keep your back straight. The inclination can be adjusted thanks to a peg system that also allows you to fold it and take it with you.


peel by varier

One of the characteristics common to all Varier chairs is the attention to design: they are ergonomic seats but they are also full of style. An example is the Peel line: halfway between a swivel seat and an armchair, Peel is an invitation to relax, even if it remains a valid choice for the desk as well.


gravity by varier

For a truly new sitting experience, the advice is to experiment with Gravity, an almost futuristic evolution of the rocking chair. It allows four positions from the most upright and regular one to work to the almost completely extended one to take a break for total relaxation and rest back and legs.

gravity by varier


Move by Varier

Varier has also thought of the stool with the Move model which can be adjusted in height and used both in an upright position and in a slightly inclined position.


ekstrem by varier

Ekstrem is a pop chair with postmodern and sculptural lines. Decorative and protagonist of the environment in which it is inserted, it is also ergonomic and surprisingly comfortable. The seating possibilities are many in different combinations for the legs and arms. A piece of experiential design to give a twist to the office but also to the living area of ​​the house.

Varier Variable
Varier Multi
Varier Peel
Varier Gravity Balans
Varier Move
Varier Ekstrem

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