Designing the bathroom as a temple of wellness

19 April 2021

Lago 36e8

The luxury of a total well-being experience begins with choosing the right furniture

In bathroom design, wellbeing is the crucial issue: holistic wellbeing that also embraces the relationship between man and the world around him. It is precisely this relationship, in fact, that determines in us the feeling of being well, of living the moment with awareness and of being in communication with everything around us. The choice of materials and therefore of the furnishings is in fact crucial for the success of a bathroom project oriented to wellness, even before the furnishing functions it is good to look at their composition and design: materials inspired by nature, neutral colors and soft shapes are the most suitable solutions, as shown by the following examples.

36e8 by Lago

36e8 LAGO

Fluidity, lightness and warmth are the values ​​carried forward by Lago in all of its projects and these values ​​are perfectly in harmony with today’s concept of wellness. The 36 e 8 lines are available in various models, but in this case, the suspended sink top in oak is particularly suitable, a material that conveys an immediate feeling of well-being.

Siwa by Cielo

Siwa by Cielo

Siwa is a system that starts from the washbasin, large and with soft lines, and reaches the mirror and the storage accessories. It is important that each element is in harmony with all the others to create a comfortable environment in which to relax and in this project the geometries created by the structure are functional and decorative.

Siwa by Cielo

Solid mirror and Bjhon washbasin by Agape


The same harmony of shapes is found in the combination of the Bjhon washbasin with the Solid mirror. The theme here is circularity: the circle is the form of well-being par excellence and in the case of Bjhon it takes on sculptural features worthy of a real temple of wellness. Perfect in combination with the mirror with light Solid, in precious blown glass and treated with a metal coating that makes the surface reflective when the internal light source is off.

Sidero of Birex

sidero by birex

To inspire well-being, the bathroom must always be in order, which is why a large and capacious storage unit is useful, like this version of the Sidero line by Birex, with wooden front panels and metal elements that give elegance and formal rigor.

MyWay by Jacuzzi

myway by jacuzzi

The whirlpool tub is the furniture that more than others represents a wellness tool in the collective imagination and Jacuzzi remains the reference brand for this sector. The MyWay bathtub has an ergonomic internal structure, five jets and three rotating jets aimed at the legs, feet and back, focal points to work on to dissolve tensions. Deep and equipped with a polyurethane gel headrest, it allows you to immerse yourself completely and find immediate comfort.

Daphne by Cielo

Dafne by Cielo

The Dafne bathtub by Cielo is essential and perfect to be placed in the center of the room, with its characteristic rectangular shape with rounded edges, in textured and trendy colors. Large, sculptural and elegant, it is the ideal solution for those who want to combine comfort and minimal style.

Touch Me by Ivano Redaelli and Speckle by Ferm Living

Touce me by Ivano Redaelli

In the design step it is already important to think about the accessories and details that will make the bathroom truly devoted to wellness. Towels and bathrobes must be of excellent quality and material shades such as those of the Touch Me line by Ivano Redaelli. And let’s not forget to add a green touch to the bathroom, with green plants all year round, such as pothos, which convey an immediate sense of well-being and put us back in tune with the world. The suspended solution Speckle by Ferm Living is indeed interesting.

Speckle by Ferm Living
Cielo Siwa
Agape Bjhon 2
Cielo Dafne
Birex Sidero Composition 3
Lago 36e8 Bathroom Furniture
Ferm Living Speckle
Ivano Redaelli Touch Me
Birex Sidèro Composition 9
Lago 36e8 System

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