A danish touch in a very Sicilian place

A danish touch in a very Sicilian place

A stone house in Modica, in the heart of Sicilian Baroque, with the simple and delicate furnishings of the Vipp kitchens

Time Span
Modica, Sicily
Interior Design
Viviana Haddad

The UNESCO heritage city of Modica founded in 1360 BC is placed on the southern part of Sicily, in the valley of the Hyblaean Mountains. Here, small streets nestle around the old Sicilian Baroque style houses, almost like a maze. Inside this maze, Paris-based designer, Cathy Dupont, fell in love with a century old stable that she transformed into a delicate holiday destination. A spontaneous trip with a friend to Sicily had Paris-based designer, Cathy Dupont, discover Modica’s authentic and rough atmosphere.

It takes 262 steps up the hill from the valley before you reach the small stone house. When Cathy Dupont first purchased the place, there were just four walls in poor condition surrounding a water-thirsty fig tree and an old bread stove – practically a ruin, but with a beautiful view of the basilica San Giorgio and the old town. What used to be both a home for families and a stable for their animals like sheep, goats and donkeys in the 1400s was rebuild from scratch with help from local architect Viviana Haddad, a specialist in restoration. After a full year of hard work, the tiny stone house was finished.

A simple and delicate décor, that’s why the designer chose a Vipp kitchen of four units. “I love the matte black colour of the kitchen and that the dishwashing machine, sink, gas hobs and kitchen tap are a part of the design,” says Cathy Dupont. Original stone walls, Italian marble and steel make up a material mix that adds substance to a calming natural colour palette. A duo of Vipp shelves match the kitchen in colour and materials. And the true italian coffeemaker is of course to be found here.

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