Bathroom trends: holistic design, from furniture to accessories

29 November 2022

Bathroom furniture becomes precious: with refined materials and avant-garde design

Luxury evolves, abandons its most sparkling and eye-catching side to embrace everyday life and dress every detail in good taste. It is a luxury that is in tune with elegance, with quality, with the need to surround yourself with beauty not only in moments of public life but also, and increasingly, in the private moments. A personal enrichment linked with a greater awareness of what a furniture designed and produced by expert hands is. There is more concreteness, and this also translates into a more widespread beauty. The bathroom is the protagonist of this evolution that involves its design and furnishings: increasingly assimilated to the bedroom, the main bathroom is the only real space in which we can be dedicated to ourselves, without interruptions from the outside. And even when it comes to a bathroom dedicated to guests, the intention is to welcome them in a refined, tasteful environment, where nothing is overlooked. This need to furnish the bathroom with the same care that is offered to the living room, is translated by the companies in an impeccable way, combining small formal flashes, refined materials and technologies that respond to the contemporary challenges of efficiency and environmental impact control. In a holistic view, in which each element, from the fundamentals to the accessories, contribute to creating an overall result of the highest level, as the following projects demonstrate.

R.I.G. by Mikal Harrsen for Boffi

R.I.G. (on the cover) is a system designed by Mikal Harrsen and his studio thinking of various rooms in the house, from the living room to the bedroom, to characterize them with an overall formal and design coherence. In this, R.I.G. it perfectly reflects the trend that today places the bathroom alongside the other domestic areas whose style it borrows. It is no longer disconnected from everything else, but a reserved appendix and yet always in communication. The common thread between the furnishings is the metal profile that returns to the structures of the washbasins as well as to the shelving designed for the other rooms of the house.

rig boffi

Minimum by Falper

Monolithic and with rigorous shapes, Minimun is a tribute to marble, which in different varieties can be chosen for this refined and precious washbasin. As well as, alternatively, cement and Cristalplant® Bio Active, an eco-sustainable material formulated by Falper that also has virucidal, antifungal and self-cleaning properties. Formal research and research on materials go hand in hand, in this collection, to reconcile the needs of quality, elegance and sustainability presented today by those who design the house.

minimun falper

Lariana and Cenote by Patricia Urquiola for Agape

Sculptural and enveloping, the bathtub remains one of the objects of desire for those seeking a refuge from the frenzy of everyday life in their bathroom. Lariana is characterized by the soft and compact line of Urquiola and is a bathtub that, thanks to its elegance, does not look bad in a hybrid environment, such as a bedroom devoted to well-being.

The Cenote washbasin has a different character, more devoted to materiality, expressed by the craftsmanship of the refractory stone and the surface left rough to evoke an original and natural tactile sensation.

Cashmere by Enzo Berti for Kreoo

Focus on the washbasin: Cachemire is like a functional sculpture in which the sinuous shape is elongated on one side to create a small support, for example for soap. Available in different types of marble, it can be the detail that makes the difference in a classic or contemporary bathroom.

Marcel by Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano for Cielo

Marcel is a cultured project that brings two deep architectural inspirations to the bathroom: the regular shapes of the Bauhaus and the iconic processing of Vienna straw. An essential and sophisticated approach but at the same time modern in style.

Reflexmood by AL Studio for Antoniolupi

From the formal point of view Reflexmood is an archetypal oval bathtub, essential and without frills or aesthetic flashes. This makes it elegant and easy to insert in any bathroom and its stylistic strength is accompanied by the performance of a latest generation material developed by Antoniolpi: it is flumood, velvety to the touch and with a visually material surface.

Anima by Yabu Pushelberg for Salvatori

George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg put their style at the service of a mission: to give elegance and personality to an often-overlooked accessory such as the towel rail. The result is Anima, a piece of furniture that combines functionality and beauty, bringing a touch of refined elegance to the bathroom.

SALVATORI dal 1946 Anima towel-rack
SALVATORI dal 1946 Anima towel-rack
Kreoo Cashmere Washbasin
Falper. Minimum Washbasin
Falper. Minimum Washbasin
Antoniolupi Reflexmood
Boffi R.I.G.

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