Candelabra and candle holders with a sculptural design

23 February 2023

Offset by Kristina Dam Studio

Accessories to bring to life to make the atmosphere special

In the heart of winter, the house warms up, visually, thanks to small accessories with a sophisticated design. Candelabra and candle holders are the right elements to modulate the atmosphere and give the living area, but not only, a more interesting mood. At the origin there is the light of the candle with its undisputed ability to create visual magic, to welcome and introduce a reference to nature and the passage of time.

Pillar candles by Hay

At the center of a table, on a shelf or console in the hall, on the coffee table in the living room, the lit candle immediately creates a focal point that catches the visitor’s eye and makes him feel welcome and at home. The design has been able to interpret this enchantment giving birth to a series of sculptural candelabras and candle holders in which the combination of materials, shapes and proportions constitutes an added value for the interior in which they are inserted. The result? Beautiful even when the candles are out, they become extraordinary when the evening falls and they are lit.

Offset by Kristina Dam Studio

A sculpture designed to support even a candle: this summarizes the idea of Offset (on the cover) and its strong artistic taste. Born from the encounter of two materials, sandstone, and travertine, composed in a form of geometric inspiration that plays with asymmetry. Essential, but with a strong stage presence, Offset draws attention to the different consistencies of the two elements that compose it, especially if illuminated by candlelight.

Offset by Kristina Dam Studio

Avant by Ferm Living

Balance is the formal theme that characterizes the shapes of the Avant candelabra by Ferm Living. At the base there is an inverted cone on whose tip the three arms seem to play with balance, each intended for a candle and each with a different visual trajectory. Just like three graphic strokes, free from patterns, which nonetheless combine in a clean and orderly way.

Avant ferm living

Frustum by AYTM

The scenic presence of the Frustum candle holders by AYTM is offered by a clever combination of marbles in different colours. The intense colors are made even more fascinating by the typical veining of this material, which conveys an immediate sense of elegance and decorative depth. Making the style of the environment exclusive and refined.

Candleholder by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen

Jaime Hayon revisits the classic candelabra for Fritz Hansen and does so with an industrial and bold style. The idea is to create an ideally modular system in which each component is autonomous but can become part of an articulated and decorative composition. Available in steel and satin brass finishes.

Crowd by David Taylor for New Works

The industrial style also returns to the candle holders in the Crowd collection by David Taylor for New Works. The base is a composition of concrete and anodized aluminum, copper, or wood, in three different models that can be used independently or, for a fuller visual effect, in a group.

crowd new works

Flare by Hay

Flare is Hay’s collection of single candle holders and is a kaleidoscope of glass reflections. Shapes, colors and finishes are a complete sampling of the decorative opportunities offered by this material and by Hay’s invitation to combine multiple elements to create enchanting combinations. The same company also offers the Pillar candle collection, designed by Lex Pott: colors are the protagonists in this project, as well as geometric shapes with a strong stage presence.

Holocene No. 3 by Jasper Morrison for Wästberg

The Holocene candle holder is a return to the essence: the Wästberg brand has entrusted its conception to a series of designers and in particular, the n.3 was born from the sensitivity of Jasper Morrison. It has a polished brass surface and a texture that conveys security and stability.

Kubus by By Lassen

Kubus is a large collection of home accessories in which the recurring formal motif is a cube traced by a metal structure. Structure that we also find in the candelabra, scenic and sculptural, available in different variants that can accommodate one or more candles.

Interconnect by Colin King Studio for Menu

A sphere, an angle and a line come together in a game of visual balance to make the theme of the candle holder spectacular. The unusual proportions of this element in steel, brass or bronze make it sculptural and with a bold decorative presence.

Kristina Dam Design Studio Offset Candleholder
Kristina Dam Design Studio Offset Candleholder
Fritz Hansen Candleholder
New Works Crowd Candle Holder
New Works Crowd Candle Holder
AYTM Frustum
Hay Flare
Wästberg Holocene No.3
By Lassen Kubus
Menu Interconnect Candle
Menu Interconnect Candle
Ferm Living Avant


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