Contemporary cachepots to give the space a touch of green elegance

15 March 2022

The most interesting indoor pots to make the space more sophisticated and welcoming thanks to flowers, plants and aromatic herbs

Colors, scents, materiality: these are key elements of every interior project but they are also the characteristics that make plants elements with a strong decorative power. An interior in which greenery finds space is a more sophisticated, more welcoming, more refined interior. And it is essential to identify the most suitable container for each species. From succulents to classic houseplants, from trees suitable for indoors to flowers, each one needs a cache-pot suitable for growing it in the best possible way. These are accessories that are increasingly interesting from a stylistic point of view, with essential and sculptural lines, perfect for a contemporary interior studied in detail. Here are some examples.

Construct by Marie Michielssen for Serax

“I cut cones and cylinders and reassemble them in unexpected ways, creating new, fascinating but harmonious shapes”: this is how designer Marie Michielssen describes the conception of the Construct cache-pot collection (on the cover) for Serax. Available in different sizes and in beige and dark gray colors, the cache-pots can be in porcelain stoneware or papier-mâché.

U by Atelier Vierkant

Atelier Vierkant defines these vases as Prêt à Planter and they are a real invitation not to linger and bring greenery into your space in an instant. In particular, they are very interesting in the over-size version that can accommodate, with due attention, even real trees: a decorative choice with a strong character.

Serene by Kristina Dam

Serene can perform the double function of cache-pot and vase: the interior is in fact glazed and can therefore accommodate both cut flowers and plants. In terracotta, like the more traditional vases, it has an elongated shape and a very particular semicircle base. Sculptural and minimalist, Serene reflects the typical formal approach of Kristina Dam.

Recycle by Moniek Vanden Berghe for Serax

The Recycle collection brings a touch of industrial style into the home but also of environmental sensitivity. The collection, in fact, is made using waste rubber in the form of assembled and intertwined strips. Thanks to his creative approach, this material takes on a refined and poetic form.

Arcs by Muller Van Severen for Hay

The Arcs collection includes lampshades, candleholder and cache-pot. The recurring motif is a series of elongated arches that chase each other, giving shape to the object that resembles a stylized corolla. Available in mirror steel or various colors, it is a decorative object that perfectly welcomes plants and flowers.

Plant Box by Ferm Living

The series of plant containers is a successful classic for Ferm Living. Available both round and rectangular in different sizes and heights, it is perfect for creating a green corner, even articulated, at home. Made of powder-coated metal in different colors, it stands out for its long and thin legs and can also be used to mark and divide the interior space.

Vases by Space Copenhagen for &Tradition

The Space Copenhagen studio creates a new classic with the collection of vases that can also be used as a cache-pot in the ceramic version. Available in three sizes, it is characterized by organic shapes and covered with two different glazes for the inside and the outside that mix where they meet. A collection with delicate shapes and character at the same time.

Plant Bag by Authentics

Aromatic herbs and decorative plants find perfect placement in the Plant Bags of Authentic Urban Garden. Flexible, minimal, and extremely functional, they are light and easy to move to meet the needs of light but also of style.

Hay Arcs Vase
Kristina Dam Studio Serene
Kristina Dam Studio Serene
Serax Recycle
Serax Recycle
&Tradition Glass Vase
&Tradition Glass Vase
Atelier Vierkant U Vase
Serax Construct
Authentics Plant Bag
Ferm Living Plant Box
Ferm Living Plant Box

Officina Milano

A new design experience, in the capital of design: the new Mohd space, in via Macchi 82.

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