Decorating with wallpaper: styles to inspire you

28 October 2021

The wallpaper dresses the environment with colors and patterns with a strong decorative impact: here are some ideas to follow

Wallpaper is an irreplaceable form of language to convey the decorative profile of an environment in a clear and immediate way. It is like the visual synthesis of a style, a manifesto that describes the atmosphere and personality of the interior. In some cases the message is discreet and silent, in others more visible and intense but always reflects the mood that those who live in the house want to project onto the environment. In the selection phase, you scroll through the many options proposed by the most exclusive brands, each with its own style, colors, graphics. These are, in fact, the distinctive elements of each wallpaper: the texture, the color palette and the design. Starting from these aspects, it is possible to define the style of the wallpaper that will then be projected onto the environment in which it is inserted, let’s see some of great elegance.

Industrial in a vintage key

The trend of recent years has declined the industrial style in a vintage key. Furnishings and technical materials, characterized by a refined patina and the signs of aging, convey a sense of experience that fills the environment with an atmosphere. The preferred colors are neutral, the visual texture is deliberately imperfect and with a worn effect. An example is the News planet collection by Wall&decò. The design represents a map of the world, the shape of which is made using images of old newspapers.

Elegance and science fiction


In 2018 Draga & Aurel designed the Matrix collection for Wall&decò, introducing a whole new genre in the sector. The inspiration is the famous film and the decorative motif is a sort of perspective short circuit that almost hypnotizes the observer. Bringing a contemporary mood with an almost science-fiction aesthetic to the environment.

Art and metaphysics

The Fluid City collection, which almost seems like a window onto a parallel world, is from the same company. The design is reminiscent of metaphysical art and conveys a sense of relaxing suspension. The protagonists of the design are various groups of travelers, passers-by who travel through an indefinite, almost metaphysical territory. A wallpaper of great visual impact but at the same time discreet.

Unique and exotic decoration

Wall&decò also offers a wallpaper with a single large design depicting an elephant painted in watercolor. It evokes a journey into exotic and imaginary, enchanted and fantastic scenarios. It awakens an almost childish, soothing and simple elegance aesthetic.

Stylized jungalow

The jungalow style has become a real trend: the designs made from large exotic leaves adapt to various types of environments and the interpretation given by Texturae with the Macao collection is interesting. The name evokes the forest, but it is a sophisticated and glamorous forest: the leaves are stylized, in shades of black, gray and silver. A discreet and elegant decorative touch.

Scandinavian retro

Pastel colors and geometric designs characterize the Scandinavian style that brings an informal and contemporary atmosphere to the environment. All these features are expressed in the Extra Habitat collection by Texturae, with graphic motifs inspired by the 50s and delicate colors.

Classic floral

We conclude with a classic: the botanical-style wallpaper reinterpreted by Devon&Devon’s Botanic Grey collection in a contemporary way, on the cover. The colorful flowers take on amplified dimensions allowing the observer to appreciate graphic details and color combinations. A nostalgic and contemporary wallpaper at the same time.

Wall&decò Matrix
Devon&Devon Botanica Grey

Officina Milano

A new design experience, in the capital of design: the new Mohd space, in via Macchi 82.

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