Diabla: the brand for experiencing the outdoors all year round

7 March 2023

Arp Collection by Diabla

Its style is contemporary and sophisticated, perfect for outdoor spaces with a strong personality

Living outdoor 365 days a year: this is the motto of Diabla, a brand specializing in outdoor furniture and accessories, born from Gandìa Blasco, a Spanish company with significant experience in the sector. And it is a motto that is perfectly in line with a concept of outdoor space that has established itself in recent years according to which from the small balcony to the large garden, passing through terraces and courtyards, every outdoor space can be enhanced and lived in. A new idea of home is configured in which the exterior and interior are in a relationship of continuity, a continuity that not even the alternation of the seasons can interrupt.

From this point of view, the care of the external furnishings assumes the same importance as that of the interior furnishings and Diabla offers an extremely contemporary and lively interpretation of them, accompanied by the design and production experience and by the profound knowledge of the technical requirements of the outdoor furnishings. The innovative style is one of the distinctive aspects of the proposed collections, of which we discover the characteristic formal approach through some of the most interesting seats.

Arp by Borja García and Laura Ros from Made Studio

The free, immediate, and creative attitude expressed by Diabla can be read perfectly in the Arp collection (on the cover) designed by Borja García and Laura Ros of Made Studio. The two creatives look at the modernist tradition through the lens of Diabla’s lively style, recovering the formal inspiration found, for example, in the high armrests characterized by the vertical line motif inspired by the strings of a harp, hence the name itself of the collection. The structure is in powder-coated aluminum available in a wide range of colors to be enhanced with an equally varied and original upholstery proposal. The collection includes a sofa, armchairs, cushions, and a coffee table and is designed for an informal sitting area to be created outdoors.

Grill by Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón from MUT Design

Diabla is an ironic brand that invites lightness but at the same time carries forward a strong formal inspiration. The Grill armchair collection is a reference to the artistic world of the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. The geometric lines typical of his works are taken up both by the profile of the seats in the collection and by the striped motif of the back and armrests. The design is sober but not boring, with creative details that make it particular and captivating. The structure is in thermo-lacquered aluminum, a finish resistant to atmospheric agents and the material is light, designed to be easily moved to infinitely reconfigure the outdoor space.

Valentina Up by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco

The absolute protagonist of the Valnetina Up sofa is the cushion, wanted by the designer Alejandra Gandía-Blasco – creative director of Diabla Outdoor – not as an accessory or decoration but rather as a real structural element.

The polyurethane foam and memory foam padding makes the sofa extremely welcoming and comfortable, devoted to comfort and relaxation. The iron structure that houses the cushion is extremely discreet but elaborated in an interesting design that plays with weaves and curves.

Patoso by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco

Patoso is one of the first examples of an experimental formal approach applied to outdoor furniture and is the perfect solution for those who want to create a real outdoor scenography. With its generous and rounded shapes and its smooth and clean surface, Patoso seems to come from the metaverse. Its appearance is almost animated and arouses sympathy and familiarity, its original but measured proportions make it sophisticated as well as absolutely innovative. Halfway between an armchair and a pouf, it is like a cloud resting delicately on four cylindrical feet whose presence is functional but also decorative.

DIABLA by Gandiablasco Grill Lounge Armchair
DIABLA by Gandiablasco Grill Lounge Armchair
DIABLA by Gandiablasco Patoso Pouf Outdoor
DIABLA by Gandiablasco Patoso Pouf Outdoor
DIABLA by Gandiablasco Valentina Up
DIABLA by Gandiablasco Valentina Up

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