Carlo Colombo: “elegance is a priority, both indoor and outdoor”

4 May 2023

Carlo Colombo

The architect and designer signs a new outdoor collection for Talenti

Carlo Colombo is the architect of the contemporary, he has a broad vision of how design evolves in the world and how design crosses spaces of different nature. From large residential projects to yachting, from hospitality to luxury interiors, his studio follows internationally renowned projects that offer him a privileged vision of the future of the sector. The leitmotif of his architectural and design projects is elegance. A value which, as he himself says, he expresses through in-depth research into materials, chromatic combinations, proportions, and innovative and sensible design solutions. Just as, in everyday life and as an individual, he loves to pursue the elegance of every gesture, of the way of being and of living.

Glo lamp by Penta

An elegance that translates into design honesty that we can also read in the new Tressé collection for Talenti just launched at the Salone del mobile: a complete line of furniture and accessories for the outdoors and intended for outdoor living and dining areas. Functionality and sophisticated style are the main characteristics, alongside the opportunity of customizing the project, thanks to a modular approach and the various possible color combinations.

Geremy by Flexform
Jeremy sideboard by Flexform

How does the new collaboration with Talenti express itself?

It was born almost by chance, last year during the Salone del mobile we met at their stand, and we began to discuss a possible collaboration. After this meeting I had the idea for the Tressé collection, we met and started working on the project. And it was very interesting because not only the part relating to the sofa and armchair was developed but also a whole series of accessories such as tables, storage and up to the sunbed designed for outdoor spaces with swimming pools. The idea came from a tubular aluminum structure with die-cast joints with a double ring in which the second ring is covered with a weave that can be in different colours. The characteristic is therefore also the possibility of juggling the chromatic intervention both from the point of view of the construction of the structure – since the tubulars can be of different colors – and of the weaving which can be of different colors and so also the padded part. The double ring therefore has both a structural and decorative sense and the product is therefore innovative both from a technological and formal point of view.

Tressè Collection by Talenti

In general, what is your vision for the outdoor space?

After the covid it is a theme that has exploded both in the naval and hospitality fields as well as in the private sector and today the outdoors plays a role as important as the home. Outdoors to also think in large buildings with terraces and loggias in which armchairs and sofas are placed. So not only terraces and gardens but outdoors in a broader sense in which my desire was to bring the elegance and detail that exists in an indoor project using different materials.

Majal bed by Flou

Elegance is a recurring aspect in your collections: what does it mean for you and how do you feel you seek it?

I have always been a man who loves elegance both as a person, in the way of living daily life, and above all in design. My style is always characterized by a strong connotation of elegance, attention to detail, choice of colors and materials. It is a trait that is found in all my projects and in this new project for the outdoors.

Touch Briccola by Riva 1920

Based on your experience, how do you establish a good harmony between furniture and space?

When the furnishings have these characteristics of elegance, chromatic and material coherence, it is very easy to insert them in certain environments, in modern-style hospitality as well as in both classic and contemporary private homes.

Venere desk by Gallotti&Radice
Penta Glo Lamp
Flou Majal Bed
Riva 1920 Touch Briccole
Gallotti&Radice Venere Desk

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