Marco Acerbis: architecture and design beyond trends

23 May 2023

Marco Acerbis

The architect and designer approach is sustainable and no-frills with elegant and timeless lines

Marco Acerbis has a curriculum that begins between Milan and London, a dynamic that has allowed him to train by crossing two different but complementary design approaches and to absorb new creative insights. Born in 1973, he graduated in architecture from the Milan Polytechnic in 1998 and then landed in the British capital where he began collaborating with the Foster+Partners studio. He lived and worked in London until 2004 and in 2005 he decided to return to Italy and open his own studio in Milan where he continues to devote himself to both architecture and design. Precisely the work on different dimensional scales fascinates him and pushes him to weave together tools, technologies, skills, and ideas to obtain a unique and identifying approach to his style. His aesthetic is dry, effective, austere, and elegant. With a few but significant traits he makes his projects different from any other. As evidenced, for example, by one of his most famous successes, the Vertigo lamp designed for Fontana Arte in 2005 and included in the permanent collection of the Vitra Design Museum. An illuminating sculpture that becomes the focal point of the interior in which it is inserted, an interior that can be domestic, professional, contract, because another aspect of Acerbis design is undoubtedly stylistic versatility.

Marco Acerbis

This style is also expressed in the collections reserved for outdoor spaces, regarding which Acerbis has very clear ideas and a vision that places interior and exterior design on the same level. It is found, in particular, in the collections designed for Talenti: Alabama, Cleo, Leaf, the latter, in particular, presented in the Soft variant at the last Salone del Mobile, is produced with material obtained 100% from recycled bottles in PET, combined with aluminum, a highly recyclable material, and made in Italy fabric. A modern project, the result of in-depth research with the aim of making outdoor furniture sustainable and in harmony with nature, a product of the highest importance, as the designer himself explains.

cleo by talenti

What are the characteristics and needs of outdoor design today?

The outdoor world today requires a very high level of design and great perfection. It has effectively become an extension of indoor design and therefore the same level of comfort and the same level of appeal are expected. We must also consider that the outdoor world is exposed to atmospheric agents and therefore the design choices become more complex and stimulating.

alabama alu by talenti

How did the collaboration with Talenti come about and what are its strengths?

Years ago I was contacted by Talenti to design the first contemporary outdoor collection, the Cleo collection, which was immediately a great success. The company has grown a lot in recent years thanks to the desire to continuously renew by accepting the challenges that design offers when looking for new projects.

cleo by talenti

In general, what are the priorities in your approach to a new project?

First of all, environmental sustainability and then my research is always expressed towards clean lines that are able to create harmonious, essential and out of fashion shapes.

domino by talenti
Talenti Alabama Armchair
Talenti Alabama Sofa
Talenti Cleo Sofa
Talenti Domino Armchair

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