Outdoor lighting: looking for the perfect atmosphere

6 May 2022

To bring not only light but also precious emotions to gardens and terraces

Gardens and terraces at dusk let themselves be enveloped by special atmospheres. These suggestions are precious gifts to protect and enhance through a lighting project that is functional but at the same time does not break the spell. It is a very different balance of light and shadow from that required for the interiors and therefore requires specific planning. It is essential to choose collections designed for the outdoors and therefore able not only to cope with atmospheric stresses but also to respect the evening, guiding us in its flow, without prevailing. By reviewing the proposals of the main brands, two different approaches emerge: an extremely discreet one, which consists in inserting minimal points of light whose structure almost disappears in the night scenario. The other, more creative, combines lighting and decoration through lamps that stand out, while respecting the context in which they are inserted. In both cases, colors, shapes and materials are inspired by nature in a harmonious dialogue with surprising results.

Bols by Marmelada Estudio for Estiluz

The Bols floor lamps (on the cover), designed by Marmelada Estudio for Estiluz, are a concentrate of three functions. The first, intuitive, is to light up from below, through the sphere at the base, in an almost playful way. The second is to decorate, thanks to their basket shapes and captivating colors. The third, surprising, is to act as a support surface on which to put a plant or to be left free to serve a sofa.

Kilt by Marcello Ziliani for Ethimo

The Kilt lamp is part of a complete outdoor collection designed by Marcello Ziliani for Ethimo. A common feature is the informal and elegant combination of teak and rope, the latter available in the two shades sand and dark gray. Neutral, relaxing shades to illuminate the outdoor space with a soft atmosphere.

Denglong by Neri & Hu for Parachilna

Denglong is a floor or suspension lamp with clean lines and a strong character. Designed by the Neri & Hu studio, it declines the classic lantern in a vaguely industrial style underlined by the choice of materials: it is made of aluminum and steel with a concrete base. The word denglong is an expression that in Chinese indicates the lantern and translates literally as “light cage”. A suggestion that Neri & Hu totally welcomed by placing the light source right inside a sort of (elegant) cage.

Nans by Bover

The Nans collection of outdoor lamps by Bover is a tribute to the Mediterranean style and the tradition of weaving made contemporary by the use of synthetic yarns suitable for outdoor use and in different colors. The atmosphere it want to evoke is that of Cala Nans – hence the name – a cove in the Spanish Mediterranean that can only be accessed on foot or by sea. A corner of paradise to be recreated in your own outdoor space.

Kiki by Paola Navone for Martinelli Luce

The formal inspiration of the Kiki lamp are the classic Chinese paper lanterns to which Paola Navone has brought a touch of color and modernity. Kiki is a versatile lamp: it can be rechargeable and portable or on an electric cable with 3, 6, 10 light points. Ideal for indulging an informal and lively atmosphere on summer evenings.

Quasar by Samy Rio for Petite Friture

Quasar is a portable and rechargeable lamp that perfectly reflects Petite Friture’s lively style. Inspired by camping lights, with the functional and colorful top that characterizes the design it can be used to illuminate a dinner or a moment of relaxation in the garden.

Flia by Alessandro Zambelli for Luceplan

Flia is part of the concept of discreet and almost invisible outdoor lamps. It is a thin carbon stem that rests on a small cylindrical base that contains the technical soul of the lamp and at the same time supports the structure. Elegant and minimal, it blends in with the surrounding scenery.

Spine by Vincent Van Duysen for Flos

Spine is the new outdoor lamp designed by Vincent Van Duysen for Flos and imagined as a projector that disappears to leave room only for the light it emanates. The appearance is essential but not technical, the lighting body can rotate 270 ° to bring the light only where it is needed and not break the magical spell of the evening.

Estiluz Bols
Bover Nans Outdoor Portable Lamp
Martinelli Luce Kiki
Parachilna Denglong Floor Lamp
Parachilna Denglong Suspension Lamp
Petite Friture Quasar


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