Salone del mobile: Alessandro Ruga and Carlotta Perissinotto talk about Wave

23 May 2024


ruga.perissinotto designs a desk and a series of shelves and bookends with an innovative design in Fantin’s multifaceted color palette.

Reinterpreting an austere material such as metal in a poetic and welcoming key is the achieved objective of the formal and design research of Alessandro Ruga and Carlotta Perissinotto, founders of the ruga.perissinotto studio. This unprecedented operation is the heart of their Wave collection for Fantin presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

The main element of the collection is the suspended desk with measured and functional proportions: 105cm long and 35cm deep, it is designed to accommodate the laptop perfectly but not only, as the designers themselves explain. The project elegantly and essentially expresses the opportunities offered by metal bending and laser processing, which characterizes Fantin production.


As the name itself suggests, Wave is characterized by soft curves that define its profile making it softer and more sophisticated. In the desk, the curvature allows you to create space for a shelf underneath, creating a compartment to be completed, if necessary, with a drawer. The desk can be integrated with the other elements of the collection: bookends with sides and shelves to be used to complete the whole from both a functional and stylistic point of view.

Overall, Wave is a breath of fresh air, but also an element that can be used both in the living area and in the sleeping area where it will be appreciated for its essential beauty, functionality and the many color variations offered.

Fantin Wave – Bookend Kit

What is the collection name and what makes it special?

The collection is called Wave and its main characteristic is that of having a series of metal processes which are both bending and laser cutting and the name Wave derives precisely from this, from the fact that there are continuous curves which are recalled on all the objects that are part of the collection.

The curve defines the aesthetic aspect both from the point of view of linearity and therefore two-dimensionality, and three-dimensionality and therefore the volume of the object.

Fantin Wave – Shelves with Side

What are the colors and materials of this collection?

Wave was created for Fantin and uses the company’s main material, therefore curved metal, and can be available in all the colors of the Fantin palette, therefore from warm to cold colors and for this reason it can be combined with all the colors of the environment.

For which rooms of the house was it imagined?

It was created for the bedroom, as an aid for placing an object, for the computer as a small home office in the sleeping area. But nothing prevents you from using it in the living area too because it is a beautiful product that can easily fit into a living room and help in situations such as smart working or small jobs from home.

Fantin Wave – Desk with Drawer

Is this a product also suitable for contract projects?

During the design phase and when we started to see the first wall prototypes, we realized that it is a product designed for the home and therefore the bedroom and also leftover spaces such as the corridor.

But it is also a perfect product for the entire hotel world because it has small dimensions; therefore, it can be placed on a small wall in the bedroom and can become a beauty stand but also a temporary workspace and therefore suitable for all more contract settings and situations.

Watch our exclusive interview with ruga.perissinotto on Instagram

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