The spring palette: pastel and bright colors illuminate the interior

26 April 2022

The doors of the house open to nature and let in furnishings and accessories that decline the most intense and lively colors

Orange, yellow, emerald green, blue: colors that bloom in nature in spring and enchant the eye, come into the home thanks to the color trends of this season. Intense and defined, sometimes declined in pastel shades, they show their most elegant side: it is thanks to impeccable and refined collections, which, precisely because of their formal perfection, can experiment with the hazard of bright colors. It is no coincidence that some of the most prestigious and historic brands are proposing this innovative and bold palette, sometimes known for their formal rigor and discreet collections. This spring they choose to interpret the domestic context in a new and colorful way, proposing a sort of furnishing chromotherapy through which to absorb the positive effects on the soul of the beauty of quality design declined in the colors of joy.

Warm colors + cold colors in Martinelli Luce lamps

Martinelli luce entrusts the chromatic mission to at least two lamps from his historic catalog. First of all, it is Ruspa (on the cover), the table lamp designed in 1968 by Gae Aulenti which today is tinged with an intense yellow, a color which, as the company underlines, is the shade that by definition is associated with light, warmth and joy.  Color also characterizes the Lady Galala pendant lamp by Peluffo & Partners: made up of three conical diffusers of different sizes and bright colors. Like the combination of yellow, blue and white, or blue and orange: a very lively and decorative mix of warm and cold tones.

Delicate pastel shades for Carl Hansen & Søn

Iconic, almost legendary, always perfect and versatile, the CH24, better known as the Wishbone chair, takes on a spring and new mood. The credit goes to Ilse Crawford, called by the company to renew the palette of the collection to tune in with a more current taste. Terracotta orange, seaweed green, pewter blue are some of the new colors: lively but always discreet, respectful of the recognizable and timeless design of this seat.

Porro brings color to the wardrobe

The wardrobe furniture, with its essentially functional profile, takes on a new decorative look thanks to Porro. Piero Lissoni manages to decline the minimalism that distinguishes his projects even in warm shades, such as orange. The result is functional and tidy but also decorative and bright: the walk-in closet takes on a very interesting personality.

& Tradition‘s tribute to Verner Panton’s colors

The &Tradition initiative to re-edit the Flowerpot lamp by Verner Panton in a wide and lively palette fits perfectly into the color trend of this spring. Panton was not afraid of color and used it with enthusiasm: “In the 50s and 60s everything in Copenhagen was gray. Panton’s choices were quite radical compared to those of other designers of the time “explains Anders Michelsen, professor of art history at the University of Copenhagen and author of a monograph on the designer published by Phaidon.

The MaisonDada collection inspired by Joan Mirò’s paintings

Organic forms, roundness and above all a generous use of color are the hallmarks of the poetics of the Spanish painter Joan Mirò. Designer Thomas Dariel transfers it from the canvas to the interiors with Mira, a very evocative collection of coffee tables in which each element can be used individually or combined with the others.

The chromatic experimentation of Wiener GTV Design

Wiener GTV Design is a brand that brings to mind the natural tones of wood, curved to create the seats that made it famous. Less known is the lively soul of its collections which today take on bright spring colors such as orange, yellow, lime but also blue. This is the case, for example, of the Radetzky chair by Michele De Lucchi, or the Czech which in orange takes on a completely different profile without neglecting elegance. And again, among the upholstered versions: the Sölden, beautiful in yellow and the Pince, with its enveloping backrest.

Wiener GTV Design Sölden Chair
Wiener GTV Design Sölden Chair
Wiener GTV Design Czech Chair
Wiener GTV Design Radetzky Chair
&Tradition Flowerpot VP2
Martinelli Luce Lady Galala
Carl Hansen & Søn CH24 Wishbone
Carl Hansen & Søn CH24 Wishbone
Martinelli Luce Ruspa 4
MaisonDada Mira
MaisonDada Mira

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